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Volume 4: Mineralogy and Geology of Natural Zeolites

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Volume 4: Mineralogy and Geology of Natural Zeolites
Fred A. Mumpton, editor

1977, i-xii + 233 pages. ISBN 0-939950-04-9; ISBN13 978-0-939950-04-1

This volume was prepared to serve as notes for a short course on the Mineralogy and Geology of Natural Zeolites held in Seattle, Washington, November 4-6, 1977. Sponsored by the Mineralogical Society of America, the short course was organized by the following individuals who served as lecturers, authors, and staff: J. R. Boles, F. A. Mumpton, E. M. Flanigen, R. A. Sheppard, A. J. Gude, 3rd, R. J. Stewart, R. L. Hay, and R. C. Surdam.

Although several excellent reviews of the geological occurrences, the mineralogical properties, and the industrial and agricultural applications of natural zeolites have appeared in the recent literature, the authors hope that these notes will be of value not only to the participants in the short course itself, but to others in the geological and mining community who wish to become better acquainted with the modern ideas about zeolite minerals.

The title of the short course reads Natural Zeolites; however, the subject matter treated in the course and reviewed here deals primarily with those zeolites that occur in sedimentary rocks and which have formed by authigenic or burial diagenetic processes. Unfortunately, only limited coverage has been given to the classical occurrences of zeolites--the megascopic crystals in the vugs and cavities of basalts and other basic igneous rocks. Our only justification is that since the late 1950s, almost all major efforts on zeol ites have been directed towards the "sedimentary" occurrences, and it is these occurrences of zeolites in sedimentary rocks that are still unfamiliar to many geologists and mineralogists. It is our intention that this short course and these notes will play a small role in alleviating this unfamiliarity.

Frederick A. Mumpton, Brockport, New York, USA
November, 1977

Contents of Volume 4 (Reviews in Mineralogy edition)

Title Page
p. i - ii

Preface & Acknowledgements
p. iii

p. iv

Table of Contents
p. v - x

Recommended References
p. xi - xii

Chapter 1. Natural Zeolites
by Frederick A. Mumpton, p. 1 - 18

Chapter 2. Crystal Structure and Chemistry of Natural Zeolites
by Edith M. Flanigen. p. 19 - 52

Chapter 3. Geology of Zeolites in Sedimentary Rocks
by Richard L. Hay, p. 53 - 64

Chapter 4. Zeolites in Closed Hydrologic Systems
by Ronald C. Surdam, p. 65 - 92

Chapter 5. Zeolites in Open Hydrologic Systems
by Richard L. Hay and Richard A. Sheppard, p. 63 - 102

Chapter 6. Zeolites in Low-Grade Metamorphic Grades
by James R. Boles, p. 103 - 136

Chapter 7. Zeolites in Deep-Sea Sediments
by James R. Boles, p. 137 - 164

Chapter 8. Commercial Properties of Natural Zeolites
by Edith M. Flanigen and Frederick A. Mumpton, p. 165 - 176

Chapter 9. Utilization of Natural Zeolites
by Frederick A. Mumpton, p. 177 - 204

Appendices Title page
p. 205 - 206

Appendix I. Representations and Models of Zeolite Crystal Structures
p. 207 - 210

Appendix II. Crystal structure Data for Important Zeolites
p. 211 - 233

Mineralogy and Geology of Natural Zeolites Short Course Field Trip Guide: Olympic Peninsula, Washington, USA. Sunday 6 November 1977 (8.8 MB pdf)

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