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      This listing covers the titles of articles (9800+) for the "small format" volumes (448 issues) from 1926 to 1977. For information on articles since 1978 (large format) there is an excellent bibliographic computer program (MINDEX) from Mineral News that covers all minerals and localities listed in the articles in Rocks & Minerals (from 1969 to date) as well as the complete runs of Mineralogical Record, Mineral News, World of Stone (Russia), and Matrix. Also included on this page is a categorized listing of articles in the in-print issues of Rocks & Minerals (see their website for the most up to date information).

   These pages are not intended to be a comprehensive index to the small format issues, but is an attempt to make finding articles in these issues of Rocks & Minerals possible. You can search for words in the titles to the articles,  authors, localities and minerals (if the mineral is in the title or if the article is about one mineral i.e. if you search for quartz, there are many more mentions of quartz in the articles than will show up on the search). Even though many times the state (or country) names were abbreviated in the titles (and not consistently) or left entirely out of the titles, this information has been added to the database so that a search for the full state name will find these articles. A large number of the entries are for the various columns that were written for each issue. Much  locality information can also be found in the "World Occurrences" columns and the columns on micromounting (this degree of detail is beyond the scope of this database). The simple search mode will find single words (or states such as New York (search for york) - capitalization is ignored). You can also search for partial words - conn or nect will find all the Connecticut listings. For more complicated searches (two word (and/or) and "not" searches) please use the Advanced search page. If you don't find information on a locality by doing a search on the specific locality name, do a search on the state (it may be found there as a generalized area).

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In Print Issues (1978-2003) of Rocks & Minerals (to order)

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