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Dana Medal

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Description of the Award

The Dana Medal is intended to recognize sustained outstanding scientific contributions through original research in the mineralogical sciences by an individual in the midst of his or her career. Service to the mineralogical sciences, administrative accomplishments, and teaching are considered of secondary merit. For the purpose of this award, the mineralogical sciences are defined in the broadest possible sense. The work of a Dana award candidate must have been accomplished within 20 years of his or her terminal degree as of January 1st of the year in which the medalist is selected. That is, for consideration in year 2021 for the 2022 award, the recipient must have received his or her terminal degree after January 1, 2001. These time limits for the award can be extended for up to two years based on circumstances which have interrupted the nominee's career; such an extension should be discussed with and approved by the Committee Chair. Scientists of all nationalities, ages, and places of employment are eligible for the award, but prior recipients of the MSA Award and current members of MSA Council are ineligible.

J. D. Dana portrait from David Huntington painting
The Mineralogical Society of America Dana Medal was established in 1998 and named in 2000 in honor of the legendary contributions by James Dwight Dana (1813-1895) [left] and Edward Salisbury Dana (1849-1935) [right] to the science of mineralogy. E. S. Dana was Honorary MSA President from 1926-1935. (memorial, American Mineralogist). A complete bibliography in pdf format of J. D. Dana from the biography by Gilman is on MSA's Collector's Corner.
E. S. Dana portrait


Front of the Dana Medal
The recipient of the Dana Medal receives a 3-inch diameter, bronze engraved medal, is made a Life Fellow of the Society, and gives a scientific presentation which is published in American Mineralogist.

Recipients of the MSA Dana Medal

With Links to the Presentation (P) and Acceptance (A) Articles

2001 George Rossman P, A
2002 Michael F. Hochella, Jr. P, A
2003 Mark S. Ghiorso P, A
2004 R. James Kirkpatrick P, A
2005 William D. Carlson P, A
2006 Rodney C. Ewing P, A
2007 Frank S. Spear P, A
2008 Thomas Armbruster P, A
2009 Ronald E. Cohen P, A
2010 Jillian F. Banfield
2011 Ross John Angel P, A
2012 Roberta L. Rudnick P, A
2013 Max W. Schmidt P, A
2014 Patricia M. Dove P, A
2015 Marc M. Hirschmann P, A
2016 Patrick Cordier P, A
2016 Sumit Chakraborty P, A
2017 Thomas W. Sisson P, A
2018 Jörg HermannLecture
2019 Matthew J. Kohn P, A
2020 Daniela Rubatto P, A
2021 Sergey V. Krivovichev
2022 Cin-Ty Lee
2023 Razvan Caracas

Submitting Nominations for the Dana Medal

Nominations for the award consist of (1) a completed Nomination Checklist, (2) a cover letter from the nominator outlining the candidate's qualifications in light of the criteria for the award (limit 2 pages), (3) any supplementary materials, such as a complete curriculum vitae and a bibliography of published or in press works, and (4) supporting letters from three other individuals who should focus on how the candidate meets the criteria of the award (limit 2 pages each): Guidelines for selection of a Dana Medalist. 

The Nomination Checklist is available either online as an html, text, pdf, or MicroSoft Word file that you may copy from the screen or download to complete, or by mail from the MSA Business Office, 3635 Concorde Pwky Ste 500, Chantilly, VA 20151-1110, USA, telephone: +1 (703) 652-9950, fax: +1 (703) 652-9951, e-mail business@minsocam.org.

The committee asks that the nominator compile into a single electronic file the nomination, all letters of support, and supplementary materials before submitting then nomination to the Committee Chair.  This single electronic nomination package makes it easier and less expensive for the committee members, who are increasingly international, to do their work. 

The completed nomination package must be sent to the committee chair and received by June 1, 2023 for consideration by the Committee for the next award. 

Nominations can be carried over to following years if the nomination package is updated by the sponsor. Any nomination not renewed after 2 years will be not considered further.

2023 Chair of the MSA Dana Medal Nomination Committee (for the 2024 Dana Medal):

Robert Bodnar
Virginia Tech
Dept of Geosciences
4044 Derring Hall
926 West Campus Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061 USA
ph: +1 (540) 231-7455
e-mail: rjb@vt.edu
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