Deposit Items for Volume 94, No. 10, October 2009

Michael Zelenski, Anna Garavelli, Daniela Pinto, Filippo Vurro, Yves Moëlo, Luca Bindi, Emil Makovicky, and Elena Bonaccorsi
Tazieffite, Pb20Cd2(As,Bi)22S50Cl10, a new chloro-sulfosalt from Mutnovsky volcano, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russian Federation   1312

Item #AM-09-042

Table 6 (observed and calculated structure factors)
Zelenski_p1312_09_T6.pdf pdf (176 K)
Crystallographic Information File (CIF)
tazieffite.cif Text (44 K)

Giovanni B. Andreozzi, Paolo Ballirano, Antonio Gianfagna, Simona Mazziotti-Tagliani
Structural and spectroscopic characterization of a suite of fibrous amphiboles with high environmental and health relevance from Biancavilla (Sicily, Italy)   1333

Item #Deposit item AM-09-047

Crystallographic Information File (CIF)
fluoro-edenite_3.cif Text (4 K)
fluoro-edenite_4.cif Text (4 K)

Gary J. Martin, Richard S. Cutting, David J. Vaughan, and Michele C. Warren
Bulk and key surface structures of hematite, magnetite, and goethite: A density functional theory study   1341

Item #AM-09-044,

Supplementary figures (band structures of hematite and goethite).
Martin_p1341_09_S1.tif tif image (796 K)
Martin_p1341_09_S2.tif tif image (864 K)

Irina О. Galuskina, Biljana Lazic, Thomas Armbruster, Evgeny V. Galuskin, Viktor M. Gazeev, Aleksander E. Zadov, Nikolai N. Pertsev, Lidia Jeżak, Roman Wrzalik, and Anatoly G. Gurbanov
Kumtyubeite Ca5(SiO4)2F2—A new calcium mineral of the humite group from Northern Caucasus, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia   1361

Item #AM-09-045

Crystallographic Information File (CIF)
kumtyubeite.cif Text (32 K)

Mariko Nagashima, Masahide Akasaka, Tetsuo Minakawa, Eugen Libowitzky, and Thomas Armbruster
Sursassite: Hydrogen bonding, cation order, and pumpellyite intergrowth   1440

Item #AM-09-046

Table 3 Refined atomic positions of sursassite
Nagashima_p1440_09_Table3.xls Microsoft Excel (44 K)
Table 4 Refined isotropic and anisotropic displacement parameters
Nagashima_p1440_09_Table4.xls Microsoft Excel (52 K)

Chi Ma and George R. Rossman
Grossmanite, CaTi3+AlSiO6, a new pyroxene from the Allende meteorite   1491

Item #AM-09-057

Raman spectra
Ma_p1491_09_fig.pdf (172 k)

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