Deposit Items for Volume 90, No. 5-6, May-June, 2005

Jo-Anne Wartho, Simon P. Kelley, and Stephen C. Elphick
Estimates of Ar diffusion and solubility in leucite and nepheline: Electron microprobe imaging of Ar distribution in a mineral   954

Item #AM-05-013

Table 3. EMP leucite traverses
Wartho_p954_05_T3.xls Microsoft Excel Document (32 K)

Table 4. UVLAMP nepheline depth profiles measuring Ar concentrations
Wartho_p954_05_T4.xls Microsoft Excel Document (16 K)

Wendy R. Nelson and Dana T. Griffen
Crystal chemistry of Zn-rich rhodonite ("fowlerite")   969

Item #AM-05-014

Table 3. Observed and calculated structure amplitudes
Nelson_p969_05_T3.doc Microsoft Word Document (3.2 MB)

Table 6. Anisotropic displacement factors
Nelson_p969_05_T6.doc Microsoft Word Document (60 K)

P. Comodi, P. Fumagalli, S. Nazzareni, and P.F. Zanazzi
The 10 Å phase: Crystal structure from single-crystal X-ray data   1012

Item #AM-05-016

Table 3. Observed and calculated structure factors
Comodi_p1012_05_T3.txt Text Document (24 K)

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