Deposit Items for Volume 84, No. 7-8, July-August, 1999

Richard J. Reeder, Geraldine M. Lamble, and Paul A. Northrup
XAFS study of the coordination and local relaxation around Co2+, Zn2+, Pb2+, and Ba2+ trace elements in calcite.    1049

Item #AM-99-017

Reeder_p1049_99_Figures_3-5.pdf (16 K)
Figures 3 and 5

David Christopher Noe and David R. Veblen
Incommensurate modulation and the crystal structure of ganophyllite   1088

Item #AM-99-018

Noe_p1088_99_Table3.pdf (8 K)
TABLE 3: Anisotropic displacement parameters

Tobias Wüst, Jano Stolz, and Thomas Armbruster
Partially dealuminated heulandite produced by acidic REECl3 solution: A chemical and single-crystal X-ray study   1126

Item #AM-99-014

Wust_p1126_99_Table3.html (12 K)
Table 3a-d: Atomic displacement parameters

Elisabetta Meneghinello, Alberto Alberti, and Giuseppe Cruciani
Order-disorder process in the tetrahedral sites of albite   1144

Item #AM-99-015

Meneghinello_p1144_99_Tabl.html (16 K)
Table 4. Anisotropic displacement factors Uij (Å2) of Stintino albites

Table 5. Structure Factors
Table 5 is not available in html format. For a hard copy, contact the Business Office.

Donald R. Peacor, Roland C. Rouse, and Edward S. Grew
Crystal structure of boralsilite and its relation to a family of boroaluminosilicates, sillimanite, and andalusite    1152

Item #AM-99-013

Peacor_p1152_99_Table4.html (4 K)
Anisotropic Displacement Factors

Peacor_p1152_99_Table5.html (64 K)
Structure Factors

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