Deposit Items for Volume 78, No. 3-4, March-April, 1993

Thomas Armbruster
Dehydration mechanism of clinoptilolite and heulandite: Single-crystal X-ray study of Na-poor, Ca-, K-, Mg-rich clinoptilolite at 100 K, American Mineralogist 1993 78: 260-264

Item #AM-93-517

Table 2. Observed and Calulated Structure Factors
Table 3. Positional Parameters and Occupancies
Table 4. Anisotropic Displacement Parameters
Table 5. T,M,O Distances and Angles
Armbruster_p260_93_Tables2-5.pdf pdf (976 K)

Warner, Julie K., Ewing, Rodney C.
Crystal chemistry of samarskite, American Mineralogist 1993 78: 419-424

Item #AM-93-523
Warner_p419_24_Table2.pdf pdf (48K)
Warner_p419_24_Table3.pdf pdf (16K)
Warner_p419_24_Table4.pdf pdf (1.8M)

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