Deposit Items for Volume 96, No. 11-12, November-December 2011

Yongjae Lee, Donghoon Seoung, and Yongmoon Lee
Natrolite is not a “soda-stone” anymore: Structural study of alkali (Li+), alkaline-earth (Ca2+, Sr2+, Ba2+) and heavy metal (Cd2+, Pb2+, Ag+) cation-exchanged natrolites   1718

Item #AM-11-057

Supplementary Tables and Figures
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Jed L. Mosenfelder, Marion Le Voyer, George R. Rossman, Yunbin Guan, David R. Bell, Paul D. Asimow, and John M. Eiler
Analysis of hydrogen in olivine by SIMS: Evaluation of standards and protocol   1725

Item #AM-11-058

Supplementary materials.
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Yu Ye, Joseph R. Smyth, and Daniel J. Frost
Structural study of the coherent dehydration of wadsleyite   1760

Item #AM-11-062

Appendix Tables
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Pascal Schouwink, Leonid Dubrovinsky, Konstantin Glazyrin, Marco Merlini, Michael Hanfland, Thomas Pippinger, and Ronald Miletich
High-pressure structural behavior of α-Fe2O3 studied by single-crystal X-ray diffraction and synchrotron radiation up to 25 GPa   1781

Item #AM-11-056

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Manuela Rossi, Maria Rosaria Ghiara, Giuseppe Chita, and Francesco Capitelli
Crystal-chemical and structural characterization of fluorapatites in ejecta from Somma-Vesuvius volcanic complex   1828

Item #AM-11-059

Appendix Tables (analysis of all 14 samples)
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Brendt C. Hyde, Penelope L. King, M. Darby Dyar, Michael N. Spilde, and Abdul-Mehdi S. Ali
Methods to analyze metastable and microparticulate hydrated and hydrous iron sulfate minerals   1856

Item #AM-11-063

Supplementary Figures and Tables.
Hyde_p1856_11_Supplemental.PDF pdf (276 KB)

Mariko Nagashima, Teruyoshi Imaoka, and Kazuo Nakashima
Crystal chemistry of Ti-rich ferriallanite-(Ce) from Cape Ashizuri, Shikoku Island, Japan   1870

Item #AM-11-060

Supplementary Tables 3, 4, and 7
Nagashima_p1870_11_Table3.xls Microsoft Excel (32 KB)
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Joël Brugger, Peter Elliott, Nicolas Meisser, and Stefan Ansermet
Argandite, Mn7(VO4)2(OH)8, the V analogue of allactite from the metamorphosed Mn ores at Pipji, Turtmann Valley, Switzerland   1894

Item #AM-11-061

Crystallographic Information File
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