Deposit Items for Volume 94, No. 0506, May-June 2009

Young J. Lee, Peter W. Stephens, Yuanzhi Tang, Wei Li, Brian L. Phillips, John B. Parise, and Richard J. Reeder
Arsenate substitution in hydroxylapatite: Structural characterization of the Ca5(PxAs1–xO4)3OH solid solution   666

Item #AM-09-028

Supplemental Information.
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G. Ben Martin, Frank J. Spera, Mark S. Ghiorso, and Dean Nevins
Structure, thermodynamic, and transport properties of molten Mg2SiO4: Molecular dynamics simulations and model EOS   693

Item #AM-09-023

Table 2. Essential results for each equilibrium simulation
Martin_p693_09_T2.xls Microsoft Excel (28 k)
Table 3. Essential results for each equilibrium simulation
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Appendix: Thermodynamic relations and Equation of State
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Appendix: Figures 1, 2, and 3
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Marco Merlini, Mauro Gemmi, Michael Hanfland, and Wilson Crichton
High-pressure behavior of åkermanite and gehlenite and phase stability of the normal structure in melilites   704

Item #AM-09-026

Lattice parameters of åkermanite and gehlenite as function of pressure and Interatomic distances in monoclinic HP phase of Ca2MgSi2O7
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Luca Bindi, Alla Arakcheeva, and Gervais Chapuis
The role of silver on the stabilization of the incommensurately modulated structure in calaverite, AuTe2   728

Item #AM-09-025

Crystallographic Information Files
Bindi_p728_09_Ag0.00.cif Crystallographic Information File (60 K)
Bindi_p728_09_Ag0.02.cif Crystallographic Information File (60 K)
Bindi_p728_09_Ag0.05.cif Crystallographic Information File (56 K)
Bindi_p728_09_Ag0.09.cif Crystallographic Information File (56 K)
Bindi_p728_09_Ag0.19.cif Crystallographic Information File (8 K)
Bindi_p728_09_Ag0.33.cif Crystallographic Information File (8 K)

Vincent J. van Hinsberg and John C. Schumacher
The geothermobarometric potential of tourmaline, based on experimental and natural data   761

Item #AM-09-027

Supplementary Table. KD and D values for element partitioning between tourmaline and a variety of co-existing minerals (muscovite, chlorite, biotite, plagioclase, garnet, and staurolite). Temperature estimates using the Ti-in-biotite thermometer of Henry et al. (2005) are given for each biotite-tourmaline couple. All analyses of tourmaline and corresponding exchange phases are also given. These data have not been filtered for bad analyses.
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Aaron J. Lussier, Pedro M. Aguiar, Vladimir K. Michaelis, Scott Kroeker, and Frank C. Hawthorne
The occurrence of tetrahedrally coordinated Al and B in tourmaline: An 11B and 27Al MAS NMR study   785

Item #AM-09-024

Table 2. Chemical compositions
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