Deposit Items for Volume 94, No. 0809, August-September 2009

Robert C. Newton and Craig E. Manning
Hydration state and activity of aqueous silica in H2O-CO2 fluids at high pressure and temperature   1287

Item #AM-09-042

Supplementary data, tables, and figure.
Newton_p1287_09_Supp.pdf pdf (92 K)

Cecilia Galindo-Gonzalez, Joshua M. Feinberg, Takeshi Kasama, Lionel Cervera Gontard, Mihály Pósfai, Ilona Kósa, Juan D.G. Duran, Jaime E. Gil, Richard J. Harrison, and Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski
Magnetic and microscopic characterization of magnetite nanoparticles adhered to clay surfaces   1120

Item #AM-09-040

Supplemental QuickTime file (morphology of the clay-magnetite assemblage). Quicktime Movie (560 K)

Artur Benisek, Edgar Dachs, and Herbert Kroll
Excess heat capacity and entropy of mixing in high structural state plagioclase   1153

Item #AM-09-037

Table. T(K) cp(J/mol/K) 1sd

Benisek_p1153_09.txt Text (52 K)

Chad D. Deering
Cannibalization of an amphibole-rich andesitic progenitor induced by caldera-collapse during the Matahina eruption: Evidence from amphibole compositions   1162

Item #AM-09-038

Supplementary Table (the full geochemical database)
Deering_p1162_09.xls Excel (840 K)

Xiaolin Xiong, Hans Keppler, Andreas Audétat, Gudmundur Gudfinnsson, Weidong Sun, Maoshuang Song, Wansheng Xiao, and Li Yuan
Experimental constraints on rutile saturation during partial melting of metabasalt at the amphibolite to eclogite transition, with applications to TTG genesis   1175

Item #AM-09-039

Appendix Tables 1–4.
Xiong_p1175_09_Tables.doc Microsoft Word (376 K)

Anthony R. Kampf, George R. Rossman, and Robert M. Housley
Plumbophyllite, a new species from the Blue Bell claims near Baker, San Bernardino County, California   1198

Item #AM-09-036

Crystallographic Information File for plumbophyllite
plumbophyllite.cif Crystallographic Information File (12 k)
Observed and calculated structure factors for plumbophyllite
Kampf_p1198_09.doc Microsoft Word (68 K)

Gian Carlo Capitani, Lars Stixrude, and Marcello Mellini
First-principles energetics and structural relaxation of antigorite   1271

Item #AM-09-041

LDA relaxed atomic coordinates of all the atomic specie.
Capitani_p1271_09.txt Text (8 k)

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