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Teaching Mineralogy and Petrology Online

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  1. Dexter Perkin's 3-D Models
  2. 3-D Models
  3. Geologic Models
  4. 3-D Rocks and Minerals
  5. 3-D Rocks and Minerals
  6. Assorted Geologic Models
  7. University of Freiberg Geologic Models
  8. Assorted Geologic Models
  9. Assorted Geologic Models
  10. Assorted Geologic Models
  11. 3-D Rocks and Minerals
  12. Euhedra: Crystal Models for Teaching Symmetry

    New Videos for Children, Teachers and Parents from Ethan Baxter: Every Rock Has a Story
    1. Ethan's You Tube Channel with 44 episodes
    2. Parent/Teacher Guide to the Videos
    3. Ethan's website with additional teaching resources

    Fossils on Sketchfab

    1. Fossils in Shropshire, UK
    2. Fossils from the National Museum Wales, UK
    3. Fossils from the Lapworth Museum of Geology, Birmingham, UK
    4. Fossil models from an avocational paleontologist
    5. Fossil models from the University of Freiberg, Germany
    6. Assorted fossil models
    7. Assorted fossil models from Digital Atlas of Ancient Life
    8. Assorted fossil models from Alaska National Parks Geology

    Textbook and Textbook Illustrations

    1. Online illustrations from Mineralogy & Optical Mineralogy (Dyar, Gunter & Tasa)
    2. Refractive index demos in liquids from Mineralogy & Optical Mineralogy(Dyar, Gunter & Tasa)
    3. Online interactive petrology text (Brady)
    4. Username: jbrady-guest
      Password: ReadMyT3xt

    Additional Sites to Aid Online Mineralogy/Petrology Teaching

    1. Thin section scans
    2. Extensive resources on minerals, including photos, databases, articles, and more
    3. Wide variety of resources on minerals, including photos, compositions
    4. Easy to use mineral database
    5. Online mineral quizzes
    6. Rock, mineral, and fossil photos with explanations
    7. Thin sections with some Becke line images
    8. Guide to Thin Section Microscopy
    9. Mineral Identification Key
    10. A draft module about thin sections, microscopes, and optical microscopy
    11. Videos of minerals in thin section
    12. Thin section scans
    13. Virtual Microscopy for Geosciences
    14. Virtual microscope for rocks in thin section
    15. Optical crystallography
    16. Earth Optics videos
    17. Earth Optics Learning Goals
    18. SERC: Igneous rocks
    19. SERC: Geochemistry of mid-ocean ridge basalts
    20. SERC: Central American volcanic arc
    21. SERC: Cenozoic volcanic history of the western U.S.
    22. SERC: Compositional diversity in volcanic suites
    23. M&M Magma Chamber Exercise video
    24. Ethan Baxter's Rock Videos for Kids
    25. Mineralogy4Kids: Teaching resource for mineralogy and petrology for children