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Volume 59: Molecular Geomicrobiology

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Volume 59: Molecular Geomicrobiology
Jillian F. Banfield, Javiera Cervini-Silva, and Kenneth H. Nealson, editors

2005 i-xiv + 294 pages. ISBN 0-939950-71-5; ISBN13 978-0-939950-71-3

As geomicrobiologists, we seek to understand how some of nature's most complex systems work, yet the very complexity we seek to understand has placed many of the insights out of reach. Recent advances in cultivation methodologies, the development of ultrahigh throughput DNA sequencing capabilities, and new methods to assay gene expression and protein function open the way for rapid progress. In the eight years since the first Geomicrobiology volume (Geomicrobiology: Interactions between microbes and minerals; volume 35 in this series) we have transformed into scientists working hand in hand with biochemists, molecular biologists, genome scientists, analytical chemists, and even physicists to reveal the most fundamental molecular-scale underpinnings of biogeochemical systems. Through synthesis achieved by integration of diverse perspectives, skills, and interests, we have begun to learn how organisms mediate chemical transformations, the ways in which the environment determines the architecture of microbial communities, and the interplay between evolution and selection that shapes the biodiversity of the planet. This volume presents chapters written by leaders in the rapidly maturing field we refer to as molecular geomicrobiology. Most of them are relatively young researchers who share their approaches and insights and provide pointers to exciting areas ripe for new advances.

This volume ties together themes common to environmental microbiology, earth science, and astrobiology. The resesarch presented here, the associated short course, and the volume production were supported by funding from many sources, notably the Mineralogical Society of America, the Geochemical Society, the US Department of Energy Chemical Sciences Program and the NASA Astrobiology Institute.

Jillian F. Banfield, Berkeley, California, USA
Javiera Cervini-Silva, Berkeley, California, USA
Kenneth H. Nealson, Los Angeles, California, USA
October, 2005

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Table of Contents
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Chapter 1. The search for a molecular-level understanding of the processes that underpin the Earth's biogeochemical cycles
by Jillian F. Banfield, Gene W. Tyson, Eric E. Allen, and Rachel J. Whitaker, p. 1 - 8

Chapter 2. What genetics offers geobiology
by Dianne K. Newman and Jeffrey A. Gralnick, p. 9 - 26

Chapter 3. Enzymology of electron transport: energy generation with geochemical consequences
by Thomas J. DiChristina, Jim K. Fredrickson, and John M. Zachara, p. 27 - 52

Chapter 4. Siderophores and the dissolution of iron-bearing minerals in marine systems
by Stephan M. Kraemer, Alison Butler, Paul Borer, and Javiera Cervini-Silva, p. 53 - 84

Chapter 5. Geomicrobiological cycling of iron
by Andreas Kappler and Kristina L. Straub, p. 85 - 108

Chapter 6. Molecular-scale processes involving nanoparticulate minerals in biogeochemical systems
by Benjamin Gilbert, Jillian F. Banfield, p. 109 - 156

Chapter 7. The organic-mineral interface in biominerals
by Pupa Gilbert, Mike Abrecht, and Bradley H. Frazer, p. 157 - 186

Chapter 8. Catalysis and prebiotic synthesis
by James P. Ferris, p. 187 - 210

Chapter 9. The evolution of biological carbon and nitrogen cycling-a genomic perspective
by Jason Raymond, p. 211 - 232

Chapter 10. Building the biomarker tree of life
by Jchen J. Brocks and Ann Pearson, p. 233 - 258

Chapter 11. Population dynamics through the lens of extreme environments
by Rachel J. Whitaker and Jillian F. Banfield, p. 259 - 278

Chapter 12. Metabolism and genomics: adventures derived from complete genome sequencing
by Kenneth H. Nealson and Barbara Methe, p. 279 - 294

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