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Volume 31: Chemical Weathering of Silicate Minerals

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Volume 31: Chemical Weathering of Silicate Minerals
Arthur F. White and Susan L. Brantley, editors

1995, i-xvi + 583 pages. ISBN 0-939950-38-3; ISBN13 978-0-939950-38-6

This book reviews current thinking on the fundamental processes that control chemical weathering of silicates, including the physical chemistry of reactions at mineral surfaces, the role of experimental design in isolating and quantifying these reactions, and the complex roles that water chemistry, hydrology, biology, and climate play in weathering of natural systems. The chapters in this volume are arranged to parallel this order of development from theoretical considerations to experimental studies to characterization of natural systems. Secondly, the book is meant to serve as a reference from which researchers can readily retrieve quantitative weathering rate data for specific minerals under detailed experimental controls or for natural weathering conditions. Toward this objective, the authors were encouraged to tabulate available weathering rate data for their specific topics. Finally this volume serves as a forum in which suggestions and speculations concerning the direction of future weathering research are discussed.

The comprehensive nature of the volume provides opportunities to address important temporal and spacial issues that often separate the work and thinking of investigators working on specific aspects of chemical weathering. As has become apparent in assembling this volume, a number of important issues related to chemical weathering are unresolved. No effort was made to reach a consensus on these issues. Divergences in opinion were accepted between various authors and are apparent in the chapters of this volume.

Arthur F. White, Menlo Park, California, USA
Susan L. Brantley, University Park, Pennsylvania
September 11, 1995

Contents of Volume 31

Title Page
p. i

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Foreword & Acknowlegements
p. iii - iv

Table of Contents
p. v - xvi

Chapter 1. Chemical Weathering Rates of Silicate Minerals: An Overview
by Arthur F. White and Susan L. Brantley, p. 1 - 22

Chapter 2. Fundamental Approaches in Describing Mineral Dissolution and Precipitation Rates
by Antonio C. Lasaga, p. 23 - 86

Chapter 3. Silicate Mineral Dissolution as a Ligand-Exchange Reaction
by William H. Casey and Christian Ludwig, p. 87 - 118

Chapter 4. Chemical Weathering Rates of Pyroxenes and Amphiboles
by Susan L. Brantley and Y. Chen, p. 119 - 172

Chapter 5. Dissolution and Precipitation Kinetics of Sheet Silicates
by Kathryn L. Nagy, p. 173 - 234

Chapter 6. Kinetic and Thermodynamic Controls on Silica Reactivity in Weathering Environments
by Patricia M. Dove, p. 235 - 290

Chapter 7. Feldspar Dissolution Kinetics
by Alex E. Blum and Lisa L. Stillings, p. 291 - 352

Chapter 8. Chemical Weathering of Silicates in Nature: A Microscopic Perspective with Theoretical Considerations
by Michael F. Hochella, Jr. and Jillian F. Banfield, p. 353 - 406

Chapter 9. Chemical Weathering Rates of Silicate Minerals in Soils
by Arthur F. White, p. 407 - 462

Chapter 10. Weathering Rates in Catchments
by James I. Drever and D. W. Clow, p. 463 - 484

Chapter 11. Estimating Field Weathering Rates using Laboratory Kinetics
by Harald Sverdrup and Per Warfvinge, p. 585 - 542

Chapter 12. Relating Chemical and Physical Erosion
by Robert F. Stallard, p. 543 - 564

Chapter 13. Chemical Weathering and Its Effect on Atmospheric CO2 and Climate
by Robert A. Berner, p. 565 - 583

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