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Volume 30: Volatiles in Magmas

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Volume 30: Volatiles in Magmas
Michael R. Carroll and John R. Holloway, editors

1994, i-xviii + 517 pages. ISBN 0-939950-36-7; ISBN13 978-0-939950-36-2

Volatile components, by which we mean those magma constituents which typically prefer to occur in the gaseous or super-critical fluid state, may influence virtually every aspect of igneous petrology. The study of volatile-bearing systems, both in nature and in the laboratory, has far exceeded the relative abundances of these components in igneous rocks, yet in many ways the words of Bowen (1928) are still broadly applicable:

" ... to many petrologists a volatile component is exactly like a Maxwell demon; it does just what one may wish it to do." (Bowen, 1928, p. 282)

What we hope to show in this volume are some areas of progress in understanding the behavior of magmatic volatiles and their influence on a wide variety of geological phenomena; in doing this it also becomes apparent that there remain many questions outstanding. The range of topics we have tried to cover is broad, going from atomisticscale aspects of volatile solubility mechanisms and attendant effects on melt physical properties, to the chemistry of volcanic gases and the concentrations of volatiles in magmas, to the global geochemical cycles of volatiles. The reader should quickly see that much progress has been made since Bowen voiced his concerns about Maxwell demons, but like much scientific progress, answers to old questions have prompted even greater numbers of new questions.

The Voltiles in Magmas course was organized and transpired at the Napa Valley Sheraton Hotel in California, December 2-4, 1994, just prior to the Fall Meetings of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.

Michael R. Carroll, Bristol, United Kingdom
John R. Holloway, Tempe, Arizona, USA

Contents of Volume 30

Title Page
p. i

p. ii

Foreword, & Editors' Introduction
p. iii

Dedication to C. Wayne Burnham
p. iv - vi

Table of Contents
p. vii - xviii

Chapter 1. Volcanic-Gas Studies: Methods, Results, and Applications
by Robert B. Symonds, William I. Rose, Gregg J. S. Bluth, and Terrence M. Gerlach, p. 1 - 66

Chapter 2. Analytical Methods for Volatiles in Glasses
by Phillip D. Ihinger, Richard L. Hervig, and Paul F. McMillan, p. 67 - 122

Chapter 3. Development of the Burnham Model for Prediction of H2O Solubility in Magmas
by C. Wayne Burnham, p. 123 - 130

Chapter 4. Water Solubility and Speciation Models
by Paul F. McMillan, p. 131 - 156

Chapter 5. Experimental Studies of Carbon Dioxide in Silicate Melts: Solubility, Speciation, and Stable Carbon Isotope Behavior
by Jennifer G. Blank, and Richard A. Brooker, p. 157 - 186

Chapter 6. Application of Experimental Results to C-O-H Species in Natural Melts
by John R. Holloway and Jennifer G. Blank, p. 187 - 230

Chapter 7. Solubilities of Sulfur, Noble Gases, Nitrogen, Chlorine, and Fluorine in Magmas
by Michael R. Carroll and James D. Webster, p. 231 - 280

Chapter 8. Pre-Eruptive Volatile Contents of Magmas
by Marie C. Johnson, Alfred T. Anderson, Jr., and Malcolm J. Rutherford, p. 281 - 330

Chapter 9. The Effect of H2O, CO2 and F on the Density and Viscosity of Silicate Melts
by Rebecca A. Lange, p. 331 - 370

Chapter 10. Diffusion in Volatile-Bearing Magmas
by E. Bruce Watson, p. 371 - 412

Chapter 11a. Physical Aspects of Magmatic Degassing I. Experimental and Theoretical Constraints on Vesiculation
by R. Stephen J. Sparks, Jenni Barclay, Claude Jaupart, Heidy M. Mader, and J. C. Phillips, p. 413 - 446

Chapter 11b. Physical Aspects of Magmatic Degassing II. Constraints on Vesiculation Processes from Textural Studies of Eruptive Products
by Katherine V. Cashman, and Margaret T. Mangan, p. 447 - 478

Chapter 12. Earth Degassing and Large-Scale Geochemical Cycling of Volatile Elements
by Albert Jambon, p. 479 - 518

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