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Volume 84: High Temperature Gas–Solid Reactions in Earth and Planetary Processes

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Volume 84: High Temperature Gas–Solid Reactions in Earth and Planetary Processes
Penelope L. King, Bruce Fegley, Jr. and Terry Seward, editors

2018, i-xiv + 514 pages. ISBN 978-0-946850-00-3

Gas mixtures play a crucial role in distributing elements between different parts of Earth and planet-forming systems over a range of settings and temperatures. Despite the fundamental role of gases in geochemical cycles and their prevalence both in the crust and the early solar system, we are unaware of any reviews on this topic. This volume arose from an interest in promoting further research into the role of gases in geologic systems on Earth and beyond, with an aim to illuminate the gaps in our knowledge.

We focus on high temperature interactions here because at low temperatures, low density, very low dielectric constant gas mixtures rather loosely 'physisorb' onto natural materials. In contrast, at higher temperatures solids volatilize and condense, lose/gain volatile components and heterogeneous chemisorption reactions occur between gases and solid surfaces. These reactions have previously had very little attention, but recent research has laid foundations for understanding these processes and their application to Earth and planetary environments.

The volume is divided into five main topics:

Penelope King, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Bruce Fegley, Washington University at St. Louis, St. Louis, USA
Terry Seward, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand.

July 2018

Contents of Volume 84: High Temperature Gas–Solid Reactions in Earth and Planetary Processes

Title Page
p. i

Errata for Title Page as a pdf (Download (84 KB))

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Preface & Dedication
p. iv

Table of Contents
p. v-xiv

Chapter 1. Gas–solid reactions: Theory, experiments and case studies relevant to Earth and planetary processes
by Penelope L. King, Vincent W. Wheeler, Christian J. Renggli, Andrew B. Palm, Siobhan A. Wilson, Anna L. Harrison, Bree Morgan, Hanna Nekvasil, Ulrike Troitzsch, Terrence Mernagh, Lindsey Yue, Alicia Bayon, Nicholas J. DiFrancesco, Riley Baile, Peter Kreider, Wojciech Lipiński, p. 1–56

Chapter 2. Molecular clusters and solvation in volcanic and hydrothermal vapors
by Kono H. Lemke and Terry M. Seward, p. 57–83

Chapter 3. Reaction mechanisms and solid–gas phase reactions: Theory and density functional theory simulations
by James D. Kubicki and Heath D. Watts, p. 85–101

Chapter 4. Analytical techniques for probing small-scale layers that preserve information on gas–solid interactions
by Kim N. Dalby, Jeff. A. Berger, Helen E.A. Brand, Julie M. Cairney, Katja Eder, Stephen M. Eggins, Anna Herring, Richard L. Hervig, Peter B. Krieder, Terrence P. Mernagh, Andrew B. Palm, Christian J. Renggli, Ulrike Troitzsch, Lindsey Yue, Penelope L. King, p. 103–175

Chapter 5. Using infrared and Raman spectroscopy to analyze gas–solid reactions
by Terrence P. Mernagh, Penelope L. King, Paul F. McMillan, Jeff. A. Berger, Kim N. Dalby, p. 177–228

Chapter 6. SO2 gas reactions with silicate glasses
by Christian J. Renggli and Penelope L. King, p. 229–255

Chapter 7. Unravelling the consequences of SO2–basalt reactions for geochemical fractionation and mineral formation
by Andrew B. Palm, Penelope L. King, Christian J. Renggli, Richard L. Hervig, Kim N. Dalby, Anna Herring, Terrence P. Mernagh, Stephen M. Eggins, Ulrike Troitzsch, Levi Beeching, Leslie Kinsley, Paul Guagliardo, p. 257–283

Chapter 8. High temperature reactions between gases and ash particles in volcanic eruption plumes
by Pierre Delmelle, Fabian B. Wadsworth, Elena C. Maters, Paul M. Ayris, p. 285–308

Chapter 9. Gas–solid reactions in arc volcanoes: ancient and modern
by Richard W. Henley, Terry M. Seward, p. 309–349

Chapter 10. Gas–solid interactions on Venus and other Solar System bodies
by Mikhail Yu. Zolotov, p. 351–392

Chapter 11. Thermodynamics of element volatility and its application to planetary processes
by Paolo A. Sossi, Bruce Fegley, Jr., p. 393–459

Errata for Chapter 11 as a pdf (Download (84 KB))

Chapter 12. Kinetics of gas–solid reactions in the Solar System and beyond
by Hiroko Nagahara, p. 461–497

Chapter 13. High-temperature gas–solid reactions in industrial processes
by Kreider P and Lipiński W, p. 499–514

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