ERRATA: Reviews in Mineralogy Volume 45

Natural Zeolites: Occurrence, Properties, Applications

Contents: Third author of Ch 7 is Roberto De’ Gennaro, not M. De’ Gennaro (also pix, p235)

Title page: "Cover: …b horizontal…"

Ch 1: Misspellings of mutianite (should be mutinaite): p6, T 3 MFI; p49, l 2; p54, item 5; p60, l -2. p40, l 17: "Si/Al „ 4.0"

Ch 4: p189, first line missing; should be: "to yield viable data. Other uses of radiogenic isotopes include provenance studies and tests of…" elemental mobility.

p189 before Equation (11) should read: "...and we can replace Po in Equation (9)…"

p198. l 5: should read "Constancy in concentration of…"

Ch 6: All headers on p218-234 should read "Hay and Sheppard"

Ch 7: Roberto De’ Gennaro, not M. De’ Gennaro

p245, l -10: (de'Gennaro et al. 1993, 1999)… should be "(de'Gennaro et al. 1993, 1999b)…"

p258: add the following reference

de'Gennaro M, Langella A, Cappelletti P, Colella C (1999b) Hydrothermal conversion of trachytic glass to zeolite. 3. Monocationic model glasses. Clays Clay Minerals 47: 348-357

Ch 9: p297, l -2: …holes. (Fig. 16); should be "…holes (Fig. 16);"

Ch 11: p339, headings for Table 9 missing; insert


Clay (<2 m m)

Cation-exchange capacity

Extractable K

Ch 12: p349, Table 1 entries:

1. Trap Spring oil field: Col 7, "Freeman (1979)" should be under "References", Col 8

3. Tejon oil field: Col 7, "(1993)" should be under "References", col 8

9. Col 1, Yufutsu gas field region should read "Yufutsu oil and gas field region"

(Similar correction needed on p370, l 9; p379, l 5 and l 43; p382, l 1.)

p364, l 2: …shown in It… should read "…shown in Figure 11. It…"

p371, l 3: "…Figure 17A…" should read "…Figure 17, upper…"

p372, l 40: "…(Fig. 17B)…" should read "…(Fig. 17, lower)…"

p397, Table 7: The heading "(Silicic volc.)" should read "(Felsic rock)"

Ch 13: p426: … (16) … (17)

should be (16) (17)

Ch 14: p457, Fig 2: Data points (solid circles) referred to in text (p458) are missing. A solid dot should be added at intersections of shaded areas and curve in both Figs. 2a and 2b.

p462, first line missing. Should be: "limit before all the ions initially present in the zeolite are replaced. Thus, it is not" always possible…

p485, l 3, ¶4 should read: "…and pH (2) effects were investigated."

p488, l 6: should read: "‰ Zn2+ > Ni2+ for …"

p488, l 5, ¶ 2 should read: "… Cs+ > NH4+ ‰ K+ ‰ H+ > Ba+ > Sr2+ ‰ …"

Ch 15: p527, l 27: Change …decreases… to "…increases…"

p530, Figure 2 caption: Change " = NH4+ concentration in secondary…" to "(solid triangle) = NH4+ concentration in secondary…"

p536, Table 5, far right col, entry 4: "4_0.15 cp columns" should read "4 ¥ 0.15 cp columns"

p545, l 8:Change the word …positive… to "…negative"

p546: The following 8 references should be added to the bottom of the page:

Ciambelli P, Corbo P, Porcelli C, Rimoli A (1985a) Ammonia removal from wastewater by natural zeolites. I. Ammonium ion exchange properties of an Italian phillipsite tuff. Zeolites 5:184-187

Ciambelli P, Corbo P, Liberti L, Lopez A, Porcelli C (1985b) Ammonia removal from municipal water by phillipsite. Stud Surf Sci Catal 24:539-546

Colella C, Aiello R, Nastro A (1984) Evaluation of phillipsite tuff for the removal of ammonia from aquacultural wastewaters In Pond WG, Mumpton FA (eds) Zeo-agriculture: Use of Natural Zeolites in Agriculture and Aquaculture. Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado, p 239-244

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Dyer A (1984) Uses of natural zeolites. Chem & Ind 7:241-245

Dyer A (1988) An Introduction to Zeolite Molecular Sieves. John Wiley & Sons, New York, 93 p

Ch 16: p559: Missing from the first line "…(N. Kuchitsu," …National Research…

p573, Eqn (3) and p574, Eqns (5) and 6: Replace « with ®

p585, Escalona Ledea ref: Change …In Rodriquez-Fuentes to "…In G Rodriquez-Fuentes"

Ch 17: p595 and p597: Illustrations for Figures 1 and 2 need to be switched, i.e., the illustrations shown in Figure 1 should be in Figure 2.

p615: In the Poredos ref, the pages should be "729-737" instead of "279-237"

Ch 18: p622, l 6: Remove hyphen in "Addi-tional"

p626, l 8: Period missing. "nurseries. They…"

p638, l 22: …with _-strength Hoagland’s nutrient... should read "…with 1/2-strength Hoagland’s nutrient…"