Corrections to Reviews in Mineralogy Volume 26 - Contact Metamorphism
Chapter 3 "Chemical and Physical Properties of Fluids", pages 41-104

T. C. Labotka

Two errors were discovered in Labotka (1991) in the discussion of the fugacity of CO2 that give a false impression on the accuracy of the expression by Powell and Holland (1985) for RT ln ƒCO2. Table 5 contains several errors that were not caught during proofreading. The values of the coefficients and their associated formulas are correctly listed in the revised Table 5. A different error in the calculation of the fugacities, plotted in Figure 5, gives the false impression that the fugacities calculated by this expression are too high. A corrected version of Figure 5 shows that the expression of Powell and Holland (1985) predicts values of ƒCO2 that are essentially identical to those of Shmonov and Shmulovich (1974). The statement at the top of p. 57 is incorrect.  I'm sorry that I didn't catch this error, and I thank Tim Holland for bringing this to my attention.


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