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Cover of Guidebook for Fieldtrips

1965 ACA-MSA Fieldtrip Guidebook

Prepared for the Joint Meeting of the American Crystallographic Association and the Mineralogical Society of America, Gatlinburg, Tennessee June 27 - July 2, 1965.

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Fieldbook cover

An Introduction to the Geology of the Southern Appalachians by George D. Swingle, pg 1 - 8. (5.2 MB)

Field Trip 1: East Tennessee Marble District by Stuart W. Maher, pg 9 - 17 (7.9 MB)

Field Trip 2: Ducktown, Tennessee by Robert A. Laurence, pg 18 - 47, (22.5 MB)

Field Trip 3: The Mascot-Jefferson City Zinc District by Helmuth Wedow , Jr., Robert W. Johnson, Jr., James E. Ricketts and Edward McCormick, pg 38 - 47 (8.9 MB)

Field Trip 4: Corundum Hill, North Carolina_ by Lawrence T. Larson, Frank G. Lesure, and Robert H. Carpenter, pg 48 - 69 (13 MB)

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