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Front Cover of Metasomatism and Metasomatic Rocks

Metasomatism and Metasomatic Rocks (English translation of the Russian text.)

V. A. Zharikov, V. L. Rusinov, A. A. Marakushev, G. P. Zaraisky, B. I. Omelianenko, N. N. Pertsev, I. T. Rass, O. V. Andreeva, S. S. Abramov, K. V. Podlessky, Y. B. Shapovalov, M. S. Seredkin, V. A. Golovina (1998). ISBN 5-891176-038-X. English translation by Jean Verkaeren and Jacques Duchesne, assisted by Bernard Guy and with the authorization of the authors. 22 tables, 127 figures, 462 bibliographic references. First online: April 2015.

The main types of metasomatic processes are described and the theoretical bases of metasomatism are developed in accordance with the theory of D. S. Korzhinsky. Thermodynamics, dynamics and ideas concerning self-organisation of metasomatic processes are developed according to the current theoretical level. Results are given concerning technics of experimental study of metasomatism. The relation of metasomatism to ore deposits is discussed, and the new concept of formation of ore-concentrating dense salt melts and related light metasomatic fluids is proposed. The significant part of the monograph contains the characteristics of the main metasomatic families and rocks. Detailed characteristics of geological setting, mineral composion, facies and genetical considerations are given based on original and literature data.

Download entire volume Metasomatism and Metasomatic Rocks as a single pdf zipped file, no cost (7.9 MB)
Download entire volume Metasomatism and Metasomatic Rocks as individual pdf pages in a zipped folder, no cost (302.9 MB).

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