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Front Cover of Mineralogical Society of America Special Paper Number Three: Fiftieth Anniversary Symposia

Mineralogical Society Of America Special Paper Number Three:
Fiftieth Anniversary Symposia:

Benjamin A. Morgan (Editor) And B. F. Jones, Gunner Kullerud, And E. F. Osborn (Associate Editors), William T. Holser (Coordinating Editor) I-Viii + 319 Pages.

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The Mineralogical Society of America on November 8 and 9, 1969, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of its founding in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The celebration included the presentation of three special symposia, with Harry H. Hess of Princeton University as chairman of the symposia committee. He personally organized the sessions for a symposium on the Mineralogy and Petrology of the Upper Mantle. A symposium on Sulfides was organized by Gunnar Kullerud of the Geophysical Laboratory, and a symposium on the Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Non-Marine Evaporites was organized by Blair F. Jones of the U. S. Geological Survey.

Benjamin A. Morgan
Washington, D.C.
February, 1970

Table of Contents

Title Page & Copyright & Dedication
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Table of Contents
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PART I: Symposium on the Mineralogy and Petrology of the Upper Mantle

Section title page, p. 1-2    Download (184 KB)

Ultramafic rocks and the upper mantle
Peter J. Wyllie, pp. 3-32.
  Download (33.5 MB)

Partial fusion products in alpine-type peridotites: Serrania de la Ronda and other examples
John S. Dickey Jr., pp. 33-50.
  Download (19.9 MB)

An hypothesis for the origin of kimberlite
Ian D. MacGregor, pp. 51-62.
  Download (13.3 MB)

Garnet peridotites and the system CaSiO3-MgSiO3-Al2O3
F. R. Boyd, pp. 63-76.
  Download (12.6 MB)

The fine structure of the basalt-eclogite transition
Keisuke Ito and George C. Kennedy, pp. 77-84.
  Download (7.8 MB)

Petrology of the mantle
Don L. Anderson, pp. 85-94.
  Download (8.6 MB)

Origin of the garnet pyroxenite xenoliths at Salt Lake Crater, Oahu
Melvin H. Beeson and Everett D. Jackson, pp. 95-112.
  Download (16.7 MB)

Creep in the upper mantle
C. Barry Raleigh and Stephen H. Kirby, pp. 113-122.
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PART II: Symposium on Sulfides

Section title page, p. 123-124   Download (151 KB)

Crystallography and chemical bonding of sulfide minerals
Linus Pauling, pp. 125-132.
  Download (7.6 MB)

Sulfur isotope geochemistry and fractionation between coexisting sulfide minerals
H. G. Thode, pp. 133-144.
  Download (13.2 MB)

Physical properties of sulfide materials
Stanley J. Pickart, pp. 145-154.
  Download (9.2 MB)

A chemical and thermodynamic model of ore deposition in hydrothermal systems
Harold C. Helgeson, pp. 155-186.
  Download (27.9 MB)

Sulfide petrology
Paul B. Barton Jr., pp. 187-198.
  Download (12.9 MB)

Sulfide phase relations
Gunnar K ullerud, pp. 199-210.
  Download (13.7 MB)

Observations on the symposium on sulfides
Howard T. Evans Jr., pp. 211-212.
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PART III: Symposium on the Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Non-Marine Evaporites

Section title page, p. 213-214    Download (135 KB)

Chemistry and origin of the brines of Lake Magadi, Kenya
Hans P. Eugster, p. 215-236.
  Download (19.9 MB)

Silicate reactions in three lithofacies of a semi-arid basin, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
Richard L. Hay, p. 237-256.
  Download (21.3 MB)

Salt crystallization temperatures in Searles Lake, California
George I. Smith, Irving Friedman, and Sadao Matsuo, pp. 257-260.
  Download (2.7 MB)

Geochemical evidence for the origin of mirabilite deposits near Hobbs Glacier, Victoria Land, Antarctica
C. J. Bowser, T. A. Rafter, and R. F. Black, pp. 261-271.
  Download (11.7 MB)

The evolution of closed-basin brines
Lawrence A. Hardie and Hans P. Eugster, pp. 273-290
  Download (16.9 MB)

Chemical equilibria and evolution of chloride brines
Abraham Lermanw, pp. 291-306.
  Download (16.2 MB)

Bromide geochemistry of some non-marine salt deposits in the southern Great Basin
William T. Holser, pp. 307-320.
  Download (13.4 MB)

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