SUMMARY: Actions & Decisions of the First 1999 Council Meeting Mineralogical Society of America

    John Ferry, President
    E. Bruce Watson, Past-President
    William Carlson, Vice-President
    Brooks Hanson, Treasurer
    Barb Dutrow, Secretary
    Jillian Banfield, Councillor,
    Michael Carpenter, Councillor
    Sorena Sorenson, Councillor
    John Holloway, Councillor
    Mark Ghiorso, Councillor
    Robert Luth, Councillor, absent
    J. Alex Speer, MSA Executive Administrator
    Anne Hofmeister, Am. Min. Editor
    Bob Dymek, Am. Min. Editor

Note that motions are presented in {}; and S = second; BB = Bluebook.

The first meeting of the 1999 Council of the Mineralogical Society of America was held at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Toronto, ON, Canada, October 25, 1998. The meeting was called to order at 7:20 p.m. by President John Ferry.


President Ferry welcomed those new and returning. Critical issues remaining from the previous Council meeting include the budget and associated page charges; and the actions tabled from the previous meeting.

1. Increase in Page Charges for the American Mineralogist

Treasurer B. Hanson noted the need for a minor increase in American Mineralogist page charges/offprints sold to authors because Allen Press will increase the prices charged MSA for offprints. MSA did not increase the price it charged authors last time Allen raised its prices.

A $3.00 increase in page charges will be implemented for the May/June 1999 issue.

Purchasing options will remain flexible: authors can choose to purchase page charges or purchase offprints, whichever is required by the institution or granting agency.

2. Budget

Treasurer Hanson presented highlights of the 1999 Proposed Budget with potential changes. The fiscal concerns of MSA were revisited. For 1998, a net transfer of about $173,000 from the Funds is required to cover expenses. For 1999, this will be $91,000 - $33,000 in operating losses and $57,590 in Fund -supported programs. These represent a significant portion of the total assets (unrestricted) of the Society.

a. Web site

The web site raises long-term concerns, as it is only funded through 8/31/2000. After this time, MSA will lose $10-30,000 per year. Goals for the website need to be set (Frank Spear and Mark Giorso) and achieved rapidly. Plans to carry the website forward will be implemented by Spring 1999.

b. Book Reprints

RiM volume on Be may be printed in 1999 in addition to the U mineralogy short course volume. F. Spear's Monograph will be reprinted in 2000.

c. Campaigns for increased income

MSA will begin a capitol campaign to take us into the Millennium. The current VP will work with the Committee to further the campaigns and increase the endowment.

The Benefactor's Committee has increased outside contributions three-fold to $10,000 per year.

d. Dues increases

There is an upcoming dues increase for 1999. President J. Ferry will write a letter to members justifying the dues increase, noting that the subscription and membership are now decoupled, offering more flexibility, and that MSA is moving into cyberspace.

e. Other factors affecting the budget $5,000 has been allocated to upgrade the Am. Min. computers for DTP.

The budget was accepted as amended.

3. Authorization

Brooks Hanson, Treasurer, was authorized to conduct the financial affairs of the Society and J. Alexander Speer, Administrator of the Society, was authorized to write checks and make other forms of payments and transfers from the Society's accounts as directed by the Treasurer and Council actions.

4. Acceptance of Committee Appointments for 1999 Council Year

Committee and chair assignments contained in the Report of the Committee on Committees to the Third 1998 council meeting were accepted.

5. Appointment of Editors for 1999

Editors for the various MSA publications were confirmed: Anne Hofmeister and Robert Dymek as Editors of the American Mineralogist for 1999; P. Ribbe as Editor of the Reviews in Mineralogy and Monograph series; D. J. Henry as Editor of The Lattice; and John Brady, Frank Spear, Martin Dove, Allen Treiman and Don Dingwell as Editors of Geological Materials Research.

6. Authorization of Mail and Telephone Ballots

Mail, telephone and e-mail ballots were authorized as necessary to conduct the affairs of the Society.

7. Other Business, the Future of the Society

At each First Council meeting, the future of the MSA is included "for discussion".

A discussion of the demographic and disciplinary information of members commenced. The information derived from the Member Update and Census forms returned with the renewals last year and used to update the new electronic member database. Student membership is also contracting and there is a large turnover.

Foreign library subscriptions are declining, but in areas that are not mineralogically active. MSA had more subscriptions in 1946 to Africa than we do at present. MSA is gaining in Spanish speaking areas.

MSA needs to be more proactive in the area of Material Science. MSA should have a higher profile at the 2002 IMA meeting in Edinburgh.

8. Adjournment

{S. Sorensen moved to adjourn.}
S = J. Holloway. The motion passed unanimously.

The First Council meeting of 1999 was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Barb Dutrow,
MSA Secretary

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