Summary of the motions and key items discussed at the



for posting on the MSA website


Douglas Rumble, III, President
Rodney Ewing, Past President
Michael Carpenter, Vice-president
James Blencoe, Treasurer
David M. Jenkins, Secretary
Craig Manning, Councillor
Kathryn Nagy, Councillor
Nancy Ross, Councillor
Peter Heaney, Councillor
Rebecca Lange, Councillor
Barb Dutrow, Councillor
J. Alex Speer, MSA Executive Director


Cornelis (Kase) Klein
David L. Bish
Jeffrey E. Post
Robert Dymek, Co-Editor, American Mineralogist
Lee Groat, Co-Editor, American Mineralogist
Richard Bideaux, Handbook of Mineralogy
Paul Ribbe, RiMG series editor


Note: Motions are presented in italics; SoC = Sense of Council, S = Second

The First meeting of the 2003 Council of the Mineralogical Society of America was held in the Mariott City Center, Denver, Colorado, October 26, 2002.



1. Call to Order

President Rumble called the meeting to order at 3:45 PM, Saturday, October 26, 2002. He welcomed the new councilors, B. Dutrow and R. Lange to council and asked the Secretary if there was any business tabled from the previous council meeting. D. Jenkins responded that there were some issues concerning committee chair appointments that needed to be clarified.


2. Proposed 2003 budget

D. Rumble asked for a motion to adopt the proposed 2003 budget.

R. Ewing moved to adopt the Proposed 2003 budget as detailed in Appendix B of the Treasurer’s report to the Third 2002 Council meeting. S = B. Dutrow. Motion passed unanimously.


3. MSA Committees

Discussion ensued for clarification on some committee chair nominees.

4. Authorizations

N. Ross moved to authorize the MSA Treasurer, James Blencoe, to conduct the financial affairs of the Society, to authorize the Executive Director, J. Alexander Speer, to write checks and make other forms of payment and transfers on the Society’s accounts as directed by the Treasurer and Council actions. S = P. Heaney. Motion passed unanimously.


5. Acceptance of Committee appointments for the 2003 Council year

K. Nagy moved to approve the suggested committee member and committee chair assignments contained in the report of the Committee on Committees made to the Third 2002 Council meeting and as amended by the Third 2002 Council meeting. S = N. Ross. Motion passed unanimously.


6. Appointment of Editors for 2003

J. Blencoe moved to approve the appointment of Lee Groat and Robert F. Dymek as co-editors of the American Mineralogist. S = M. Carpenter. Motion passed unanimously.

R. Ewing moved to approve the appointment of Paul H. Ribbe as Editor of the Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry and Monograph series and Andrea Koziol as Editor of The Lattice. S = P. Heaney. Motion passed unanimously.

B. Dutrow moved to appoint Richard Bideaux as Editor of the Handbook of Mineralogy. S = N. Ross. Motion passed unanimously.


7. Authorization of Mail, Telephone, and E-mail Ballots

R. Ewing moved that mail, telephone, and e-mail ballots may be used whenever necessary to conduct the affairs of the Society. S = J. Blencoe. Motion passed unanimously.


8. Future of MSA

D. Rumble noted several aspects of the status of the society and future directions that should be pursued.

9. Electronic publishing aggregate

R. Ewing moved to approve the GeoscienceWorld Statement of Intent and instruct the Executive Director to sign the document as presented in Appendix E of the report of the MSA Executive Director to the 3rd 2002 Council meeting, on behalf of MSA as a founding member. S = J. Blencoe. Motion passed unanimously.


10. Election results for 2002

J. Blencoe moved to accept the 2002 election results and to permit the Executive Director to destroy the ballots. S = R. Ewing. Motion passed unanimously.


11. Special issue of the American Mineralogist

D. Jenkins moved to approve the proposal from T. Labotka for a special issue in honor of Arden L. Albee in 2004, and that T. Labotka be the guest editor for this issue. S = R. Ewing. Motion passed unanimously.


12. Society membership

A. Speer reviewed the status of the society membership noting that the current membership is back up to the level of membership in 1995.


13. Adjournment

R. Ewing moved that the 1st 2003 Council meeting be adjourned. S = K. Nagy. The motion passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned at 4:45 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

David M. Jenkins, MSA Secretary.