Summary of the motions and key items discussed at the

for posting on the MSA Website


Cornelis (Kase) Klein, President
William Carlson, past-President
Rodney Ewing, Vice-President
David M. Jenkins, Secretary
James Blencoe, Treasurer
Michael A. Carpenter, Councillor
Sorena S. Sorensen, Councillor
David L. Bish, Councillor
Jeffrey E. Post, Councillor
Kathryn Nagy, Councillor
Craig Manning, Councillor - absent
J. Alex Speer, MSA Executive Director


John M. Ferry, past-President
Brooks Hanson, past-Treasurer
Robert W. Luth, past-Councillor
Robert Dymek, Amer. Mineral. Editor
Paul H. Ribbe, Series Editor, Rev. in Mineral.

Note: Motions are presented in italics; SoC = Sense of Council, S = Second

The First meeting of the 2001 Council of the Mineralogical Society of America was held in the Reno Hilton Hotel, Reno, Nevada, November 12, 2000.


1. Call to Order

President Klein called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM, Sunday, November 12, 2000. 2. Proposed 2001 budget S. Soresen moved to adopt the Proposed 2001 budget as detailed in Appendix B of the Treasurerís report to the Third 2000 Council meeting. S = R. Ewing. Motion passed unanimously. 3. Authorizations J. Post moved to authorize the MSA Treasurer, James Blencoe, to conduct the financial affairs of the Society, to authorize the Administrator (Executive Director) J. Alex Speer to write checks and make other forms of payment and transfers on the Societyís accounts as directed by the Treasurer and Council actions, and to authorize the Secretary, David Jenkins, to sign the Certified Resolution for Depository Authorization for Non-Profit Organizations (corporate resolution) to First Union National Bank of the District of Columbia. S = S. Sorensen. Motion passed unanimously. 4. Committee appointments for the 2001 Council year M. Carpenter moved to approve the suggested committee member and committee chair assignments contained in the report of the Committee on Committees made to the Third 2000 Council meeting and as amended by the Third 2000 Council meeting. S = S. Sorensen. Motion passed unanimously. 5. Appointment of Editors for 2001 (a) Approval of new co-editor for American Mineralogist:
  C. Klein briefly reviewed the history of the search for a new editor of the Amer. Mineral. to replace the out-going editor A. Hofmeister.

J. Post moved to approve the appointment of Lee A. Groat as the new co-editor of the American Mineralogist. S = J. Blencoe. Motion passed unanimously.

(b) Appointment of Editors for 2001:
  W. Carlson moved to approve the appointment of Robert F. Dymek and Lee A. Groat as co-editors of the American Mineralogist, Paul H. Ribbe as Editor of the Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry series, Andrea Koziol as Editor of The Lattice, and John B. Brady, Donald B. Dingwell, Martin Dove, Frank S. Spear, and Allan H. Treiman as co-editors of Geological Materials Research. S = K. Nagy. Motion passed unanimously.
6. Authorization of Mail, Telephone, and E-mail Ballots S. Sorensen moved that mail, telephone, and e-mail ballots may be used whenever necessary to conduct the affairs of the Society. S = R. Ewing. Motion passed unanimously. 7. New Business items (a) Senior membership category C. Klein inquired if MSA has a category for senior members. J. Speer answered that this category exists.
(b) Council meeting times
  Discussion ensued on various options for the Fall meeting times and length of meetings.

It is the SoC that the next fall council meeting, in conjunction with the GSA annual meeting in Boston, be held on the Sunday before the GSA meeting but designed to conclude by 3:00 PM. A meeting room will be reserved for Tuesday night if the Council needs additional meeting time.

(c) Goldschmidt Conference, Spring 2001
  P. Ribbe noted that the venue for the Goldschmidt conference this spring may have to move from its originally scheduled location (Roanoke) to another location. W. Carlson noted that the presentation of the Dana Medal will be the center piece event for MSA at the Goldschmidt conference.
8. Future of MSA (a) Materials Research Society (MRS):
  C. Klein initiated discussion on how MSA should interact with MRS.

It was the SoC that Banfield and Navrotsky be contacted about the possibility of having MRS co-sponsor the short course Nanocrystals in the Environment and Technology.

(b) Membership involvement:  
Council discussed the issue of getting more of the society membership involved in committee work and in getting more students involved in the society.
5. Adjournment S. Sorensen moved that the 1st 2001 Council meeting be adjourned. S = R. Ewing. The motion passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned at 5:05 PM. Respectfully submitted,

David M. Jenkins, MSA Secretary.