The 81st annual Business Meeting of the Mineralogical Society of America was held in Ballroom E of the Atlantis Casino Resort, Reno, Nevada, on Tuesday, November 14, 2000.


1. Call to Order President C. Klein called the meeting to order at 5:05 PM, Tuesday, November 14, 2000. C. Klein announced the newly appointed editors of the society, Andrea Koziol, who will be the new editor of The Lattice, and Lee Groat, who will be the new co-editor of the American Mineralogist. 2. Secretary's report Dave Jenkins read the Secretary's report for the 2000 council year. His report included: membership statistics; newly appointed fellows of the society, award recipients for next year; change in name from the Mid-Career Award to the Dana Medal; upcoming short courses and publications; on-line access to the American Mineralogist for individual members; Best Paper award for 1999; change in editorship for the Lattice and Amer. Mineral.; MSA Lecturer-series lecturers for next year; names of those members who died this past year with a moment of silence to mark their passing; K-12 education outreach development of the MSA website; and announcement of the officers and councillors elected in the spring ballot election. The full text of the report will be published in The Lattice.

President Klein asked if there were any questions for the Secretary. L. Annovitz asked if Amer. Mineral. would be made available on-line to institutional subscribers. D. Jenkins answered no, not at the moment. There were no further questions.

3. Treasurer's report Brooks Hanson read the Treasurer's report. His report included: the major role played by J. Alex Speer and the Financial Advisory Committee in conducting the financial affairs of the society; that MSA is in some way a major business with ~ $1 Million annual budget and cash flow; annual deficits run about 5%, though the society ran a slight profit in 1999, it will probably have a small deficit (~$20 K) in 2000 and a projected deficit of ~ $60 K in 2001. These deficits are covered with the income of the investments, which is the purpose of many of the investments. Amer. Mineral. editors have helped keep costs losses down which may allow redirection of more investment income to expansion of the RiMG volumes or lectureship program. B. Hanson concluded on a personal note indicating that it was an honor and privilege to serve as Treasurer. He also mentioned that he sees mineralogy as a vibrant field and hopes that we bring many other people into our discipline. The full text of the report will be published in The Lattice.

President Klein asked if there were any questions for the Treasurer. There were no questions.

4. Editorsí of American Mineralogist report Bob Dymek read the Editor's report. His report included: timely publication of all eight issues of the 2000 volume of Amer. Mineral.; increase in the number of papers published (~30) despite a slight reduction in total number of pages printed (~1900 pages); complete conversion to desktop publishing last year; use of PDF versions of manuscripts to speed proof reading; statistics on manuscript submission and a plea for more submissions from North American authors; publication of the Lattice switching over to the editorial office; recent turn-over in the production-manager staffing; publication of the Tony Morse issue in the November-December issue; no special issues of Amer. Mineral. planned for 2001 but possibly two special issues in 2002; recognition of the newly created Publications Director position assumed by the Vice President, Rod Ewing; and the desire to make Amer. Mineral. and all-color journal in 2001. The full text of the report will be published in The Lattice.

President Klein asked if there were any questions for the co-editor. There were no questions.

5. Adjournment
Pres. Klein adjourned the meeting at 5:35 PM

Respectfully submitted,

David M. Jenkins, MSA secretary.