Summary of the motions and key items discussed at the

for posting on the MSA Website


William Carlson, President
John M. Ferry, Past-President
Cornelis (Kase) Klein, Vice-President
Brooks Hanson, Treasurer
David M. Jenkins, Secretary
David L. Bish, Councillor
Michael A. Carpenter, Councillor
Mark S. Ghiorso, Councillor - absent
Robert W. Luth, Councillor
Jeffrey E. Post, Councillor
Sorena S. Sorensen, Councillor
J. Alex Speer, MSA Administrator


James Blencoe, MSA Treasurer elect
Robert Dymek, Co-Editor, American Mineralogist
Rodney Ewing, Vice-president elect
Kathryn Nagy, Councillor elect
Paul Ribbe, RiMG Series Editor
Andrea Koziol, Lattice editor (starting 2001)
John Brady, Co-editor, Geological Materials Research

Note: Motions and council action items are presented in italics; SoC = Sense of Council, S = Second

The Third meeting of the 2000 Council of the Mineralogical Society of America was held in the Reno Hilton Hotel, Reno, Nevada, November 12, 2000.


1. Call to Order

William Carlson called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM, Sunday, November 12, 2000, and welcomed those in attendance. 2. Reports with no action items or questions R. Luth moved to accept the reports of the Reviews in Mineralogy & Geochemistry and Monographs editor, The Lattice editor, the K-12 Outreach Committee, MSA Lecture Committee, Representatives to the Clay Minerals Society, Gemological Institute of America, the IMA and ICDD representatives, and reports from the chairs of the Mineral Structure, Planetary Materials, and Teaching Mineralogy Special Interest groups; which contain no actions or questions. S = S. Sorensen. Motion passed unanimously. 3. Secretary's report S. Sorensen moved to accept the 2nd 2000 minutes as amended. S = R. Luth. Motion passed unanimously. 4. Awards and Medal Recommendations for 2001 forwarded to council as motions: (a) Roebling Medal
  The committee recommends that Peter J. Wyllie be the next recipient of the Roebling Medal. Motion passed unanimously
(b) Distinguished Public Service Award
  The committee recommends that Jeffrey E. Post be the next recipient of the Roebling Medal. Motion passed unanimously
(c) Mid-Career Award (Dana Medal) for 2002
  The committee recommends that Michael F. Hochella, Jr. be the next recipient of the Mid-Career Award (Dana Medal). Motion passed unanimously.
(d) MSA Award
  The committee recommends that Peter C. Burns be the next recipient of the MSA Award. Motion passed unanimously.
(e) Fellows
  W. Carlson reviewed the Nominating Committee for Fellows actions.

The committee recommends the following eight individuals be appointed as Fellows of the society: Michael B. Baker, Jay D. Bass, Patrick R. L. Browne, Anastasia Chopelas, Patricia M. Dove, Thomas W. Sisson, Takamitsu Yamanaka, and Michael E. Zolensky. The motion passed unanimously.

(f) Kraus Crystallographic Research Grant
  The committee recommends that Steven D. Jacobsen receive the Kraus Crystalloraphic Research grant award for his study of "Elasticity of single-crystal (Mg,Fe)O and a new method for generating GHz-frequency shear waves" . Motion passed unanimously.
(g) Mineralogy/Petrology Research Award
  The committee recommends that Carlotta B. Chernoff, for the study of the "Distribution of trace metal contents in black shales and their metamorphic equivalents" and Kaye Sawyer Savage, for the study of "Efflorescent uptake of trace oxyanions: effect on crystal structure and distribution" receive Mineralogy/Petrology Research Grants. Motion passed unanimously.
(h) Exemplary Associate Editor Award
  The co-editors recommend Glenn Waychunas for the Exemplary Associate Editor Award. Motion passed unanimously.
(i) Best Paper Award
  The committee recommends the paper by G. Morin, J. D. Ostergren, F. Juillot, P. Ildefonse, G. Calas, and G. E. Brown entitled "XAFS determination of the chemical form of lead in smelter-contaminated soils and mine tailings: Importance of adsorption processes" American Mineralogist, 84, 420-434 (1999) be given the Best Paper Award for 1999. Motion passed unanimously.
5. Procedural issues for awards committees It was the SoC that the committee handbook wording be changed to emphasize that award nominations should come primarily from the membership but that nominations can come from committee members. 6. Mid-Career Award D. Bish moved to change the name of the Mid-Career Award to the Dana Medal. S = J. Post. Motion passed unanimously. 7. Report of the Committee on Committees (a) Committee on Committee recommendations:
  The recommendations from the Committee on Committees for Committee Chairs and membership for 2001 were accepted unanimously.

It was noted that chairs of the Kraus and Mineralogy/Petrology Research Grant committees normally serve two-year terms.

(b) Meetings Committee:
  It was the SoC that an individual was needed to act as a meetings coordinator to better oversee MSAís involvement in meetings. Two individuals were identified for the Secretary to contact about taking on this responsibility.
8. Report of the Nominating Committee for Officers: The report of the Nominating Committee for Officers for the 2001 ballot was discussed and the nominees were ranked for the positions of Vice President and Council members for the Secretary to contact. 9. Report of the Management Committee: W. Carlson reviewed the method that had been established by prior council action concerning the adjustments in the salaries of all fulltime MSA employees. Council accepted the recommendations of the Management Committee, including to the promotion of J. A. Speer from Administrator to Executive Director. There was a brief refreshment break from 10:00 to 10:15 AM

10. Treasurerís report:

B. Hanson reviewed income and expenses in 2000 as well as endowment transfers.

B. Hanson discussed the proposed 2001 budget.

11. Report of the Short Course Committee: The list of all pending short courses is as follows.

For 2001;

Molecular Modeling Theory and Applications in the Geosciences which is co-sponsored with the Geochemical society, held prior to the Goldschmidt Conference on May 19 and 20 in Roanoke, Virginia. Conveners are Randy Cygan and Jim Kubicki.

Stable Isotope Geochemistry will be held prior to the GSA meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. Conveners are John W. Valley and David R. Cole.

Nanocrystals in the Environment and Technology to be held prior to the Fall AGU meeting in Davis, California. Conveners are Jillian Banfield and Alex Navrotsky

For 2002:
  Phosphates: Geochemical, Geobiological and Materials Importance being organized by Matthew J. Kohn, John Rakovan, and John Hughes to be held before the GSA meeting in Denver, Colorado

Plastic Deformation and Deformation Microstructures of Minerals and Rocks to be held in conjunction with the Fall AGU meeting. Conveners are Shun-ichiro Karato and H-R. Wenk.

For 2003:
  Biomineralization co-sponsored with the Geochemical Society and convened by Patricia Dove, James De Yoreo, and Steve Weiner
12. Financial Advisory Committee report: Council supports the recommendations of the FAC regarding the Roebling Fund, namely that they approve the sale of the Delafield Institutional and Lindner Asset Allocation Funds, the purchase of $250,000 of Strong Bond Institutional Fund, and the use of one half the balance of the proceeds of the sale to purchase Artisan International Fund and the other half of the balance to purchase mid- and small-cap fund(s) to be selected by the Chair of the FAC.

It is the SoC that Council supports the actions of the FAC and affirms the existing policy.

13. Report of the Scientific Administrator (Executive Director): (a) 2000 Ballot results:
  S. Sorensen moved that council accept the results of the 2000 election results and allow the ballots to be destroyed. S = J. Post. Motion passed unanimously.
(b) XRF Workshop:
  It is the SoC that other (non-Philips employee) MSA members become involved in the organization of this workshop. The Executive Director (J. A. Speer) is asked to investigate the workshop format and to express councilís concerns about the commercial aspects of this workshop.
(c) Time and place of 2nd 2001 council meeting:
  Council accepted the recommendation that the 2nd 2001 Council meeting be held on Saturday May 19, 2001, at Roanoke, Virginia, in conjunction with the Goldschmidt symposium.
14. M. Carpenter commented on the MSA co-sponsored short course on Mineral Transformations held early September at Oxford, UK.

15. MSA Lecture Program report:

(a) European lecture tour:
  It is the SoC that it is pre-mature to comment on the success of the European lecture tour since it was only mid-way through its first trial run. Council will appreciate any comments that the coordinator (Helen Lang) or the lecturers who are touring Europe (Rhian Jones, Ian Parsons) receive on there experiences in Europe.
(b) Recommendations for European lecturers:
  A list of names was provided by council members who may serve as possible European lecturers. (c) Lecture Program issues:
16. Request from Charles Geiger, MSA representative to the European Mineralogical Union (EMU): It is the SoC that MSA should be a co-sponsor of the Solid Solutions workshop scheduled for June, 2001, in Kiel, Germany. 17. Report of the Publications Task Force: (a) Recommendation #1 - Co-publishing with the Min. Soc. of Great Britain and Ireland (MSGBI)
  W. Carlson relayed some of the discussion which the Task Force had on the issue of co-publishing a new journal on environmental mineralogy with MSGBI.
A lunch break occurred from 12:32 - 1:35 PM (a) Publication Task Force Recommendation #1 - continued after lunch
  It is the SoC that MSA should pursue further discussions of possible joint publication with the MSGBI of a Journal of Environmental Mineralogy.
(b) Recommendation #2 - On-line access to American Mineralogist:
  Recommendation #2, forwarded as a motion from the Publication Task Force, and which states: (a) that PDF files available for already published Amer. Mineral. volumes be made available for downloading online; and that PDF files for forthcoming articles be made available for downloading online at the time of publication of the paper version, or at the time of final acceptance if related technical issues can be resolved (cf. item (e) below); (b) that individual members who have subscribed to the paper version for 2001 be allowed password-controlled, unlimited free access to download these files; and that no attempt be made at this time to provide online access to institutional (library) subscribers, preserving this access as a member benefit; (c) that starting with the next round of membership renewals (for 2002), members be allowed to choose among three options (prices reflect current levels, may need revision in 2001): (i) membership ($50) + paper journal ($30) + online access (free); (ii) membership ($50) + online access ($10) with no paper journal; (iii) membership only ($50); (d) that the issue of providing "pay-per-download" access to the general public be resolved by having J. Alex Speer, Jim Blencoe and Gordon Nord estimate costs and benefits to determine whether offering this capability is worth the effort and overhead involved; and that Council authorize in advance the implementation of this capability, if the group recommends doing it, at the price they recommend; (e) that the Publications Director (Vice President, see Recommendation #3 below) work with the Amer. Mineral. (and GMR) Editors (and Brooks Hanson) to address various technical issues concerning creation of a database, digital object identifiers, cross-referencing, html vs. PDF, timing of posting, etc., and that Council authorize in advance implementation of the solutions decided upon by the Publication Director, was approved unanimously.
(c) Recommendation #3 - Publications management and strategy
  Recommendation #3 forwarded as a motion from the Publications Task Force to appoint the Vice President of the society as the Publications Director, and as amended by Council to include a Publications Committee, comprising individuals best suited to investigate and make recommendations on the issues at hand on an as-needed basis, was approved unanimously.
18. Report from John Brady, co-editor of Geological Materials Research (GMR): It is the SoC that GMR should work with the Publications Director to formulate an advisory board for consideration by the council. 19. Report of the Editors of American Mineralogist: It is the SoC that the membership needs to be surveyed through the Lattice or by an electronic (e-mail) survey seeking to identify possible reasons for declining domestic manuscript submissions to the Amer. Mineral. and Geol. Res. Materials and thereby determine what positive actions should be taken to address this decline. Such surveys should be coordinated through the Director of Publications. 20. Adding back issues of Amer. Mineral. to the on-line searchable database: It was the SoC that this matter should be deferred to the Publications Director and an appropriate task force for further consideration. There was a brief refreshment break from 3:00 to 3:15 PM

21. Report from the President:

(a) Website:
  W. Carlson noted that Nancy MacMillan stepped up to chair the K-12 Educational Outreach component of the website. The most recent report from N. MacMillan is that the K-12 component is progressing well and should be on-line shortly.
(b) On-line renewal:
  Overall, there were few problems with online renewal. (c) Declining membership:
  The 2001 on-line membership renewal included a membership survey, to which there were 133 responses. W. Carlson conveyed a preliminary report of the survey to Council. (d) Benefactors:
  W. Carlson noted that the operations of the society relies heavily on transfers from our endowment funds. A larger endowment would permit greater activities.
22. Adjournment S. Sorensen moved that the 3rd 2000 Council meeting be adjourned. S = D. Bish. The motion passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned at 4:00 PM. Respectfully submitted,

David M. Jenkins, MSA Secretary