William Carlson, President
John M. Ferry, Past-President
Cornelis (Kase) Klein, Vice-President
Brooks Hanson, Treasurer
David M. Jenkins, Secretary
Mark S. Ghiorso, Councillor - absent
Robert W. Luth, Councillor
Michael A. Carpenter, Councillor
Sorena S. Sorensen, Councillor
David L. Bish, Councillor
Jeffrey E. Post, Councillor
J. Alex Speer, MSA Executive Administrator
Bob Dymek, Amer. Mineral. Editor
Anne Hofmeister, Amer. Mineral. Editor
Paul H. Ribbe, Series Editor, Rev. in Mineral.
Bruce Watson, past-President
Barb Dutrow, past secretary
Jillian Banfield, past Councillor

Note: Motions are presented in italics; SoC = Sense of Council, S = Second

The First meeting of the 2000 Council of the Mineralogical Society of America was held in the Marriott City Center, Denver, Colorado, October 24, 1999.


1. Call to Order

William Carlson called the meeting to order at 4:20 PM, Sunday, October 24, 1999, and thanked the out-going councillors John Holloway and Jillian Banfield as well as the out-going secretary, Barb Dutrow, and president John Ferry for a job well done. 2. Proposed 2000 budget B. Hanson noted that the largest issue concerning the proposed budget is that of the RiM=s volumes. Printing 4 new volumes for the year 2000 will lead to a projected deficit in the operating budget of approximately $50,000. Similarly, printing of another 4 volumes in 2001 will continue to squeeze the budget and reduce the flexibility in reprinting volumes in the future. He urged the Council to consider the issue of RiM volume printing.

B. Hanson also urged the Council to consider how funds remaining from the NSF grant and the matching MSA funds be spent. Pres. Carlson asked for recommendations. B. Hanson noted that the K-12th grade educational aspect of the MSA website was the weakest. Discussion ensued about ways to improve the K-12th grade educational component of the website. M. Carpenter noted the small role that website development had in the original NSF proposal. J. Post suggested bringing in several teachers to develop ideas for the website specifically targeted for grades K-12, as was done at the Smithsonian Institution. S. Sorensen suggested that we identify an MSA member to work with a teacher to develop our website and that funds could go towards defraying the travel and living expenses for this individual. B. Dutrow suggested Bob Downs and Nancy McMillan be contacted.

It was the SoC that Pres. Carlson contact Bob Downs and Nancy McMillan about working with appropriate teachers to develop the K-12th grade educational content of the MSA website as quickly as possible.

M. Carpenter moved that the proposed 2000 budget as detailed in the Budget Summary (Appendix A) of the Treasurer=s report for the 3rd 1999 Council meeting be approved and that the remaining NSF funds be used for developing the K-12th grade educational component of the MSA website. S = J. Post. The motion passed unanimously. B. Hanson suggested that Council consider planning some restrictions in the number of RiM=s volumes at the spring Council meeting.
3. Authorizations and Appointments Pres. Carlson recommended that the following appointments and authorizations be considered en bloc under one motion.

S. Sorensen moved that:

(a) The Treasurer and the Executive Administrator be authorized to conduct the financial affairs of the Society. In particular, the Treasurer is authorized to conduct the financial affairs of the Society. J. Alexander Speer is the Executive Administrator of the Society and is authorized to write checks and make other forms of payment and transfers on the Society=s accounts as directed by the Treasurer and Council actions.

(b) The Committee appointments of the 2000 Council Year be accepted. In particular, that the Council approve the suggested Committee member and chair assignments contained in the Report of the Committee on Committees to the Third 1999 Council meeting.

(c) That the following editors be appointed for the year 2000: Anne M. Hofmeister and Robert F. Dymek be appointed the editors of the American Mineralogist; Paul H. Ribbe be appointed Editor of the Reviews in Mineralogy and Monograph series; Darrell J. Henry be appointed Editor of The Lattice; and John Brady and Frank Spear be appointed Editors of Geological Materials Research.

(d) That Mail and Telephone Ballots be authorized. In particular, mail, telephone, and e-mail ballots may be used whenever necessary to conduct the affairs of the Society.

S = M. Carpenter. The motion passed unanimously.

4. Future of MSA Pres. W. Carlson identified two main issues facing the future of the society: membership decline and the financial security of the society.

(a) With regard to membership decline, W. Carlson elaborated on several aspects of this issue. First, we should address any mechanical problems that exist in membership renewal. Making membership renewal as easy as possible will help halt attrition. One possibility is to allow membership renewal by e-mail. Second, membership retention needs to be addressed, including more rapid contact with persons who have failed to renew, and perhaps offering some bonus for early renewal. Third, we should address why our membership is declining. Is the journal content not connecting with the readership? What non-traditional groups are we not reaching?

(b) With regard to the financial security of the society over the long term, W. Carlson advocated that three approaches be taken. (1) Mount a short (e.g., 2-year) capital campaign. This might start with those individuals who have had a long-time association with the society, followed by a mail campaign to previous donors, authors, subscribers, etc.. Basically making a broad appeal to the membership. (2) Attempt to draw in large contributions by appealing to those who can make planned gifts. This might be facilitated by encouraging the giving of named items, e.g., the so-and-so lectureship. (3) Increase the level of annual giving to the whole society. This might be facilitated by putting a check-box on the renewal notice indicating that the member will donate a dollar for every year they have been a member of MSA.

Discussion followed concerning the issues raised by W. Carlson. R. Dymek noted that the high page charges and cost of color figures to publish articles in the Amer. Mineral. places the society at a competitive disadvantage with other societies and with other journals. S. Sorensen pointed out the need to be aggressive about getting authors to publish in the Amer. Mineral., particularly bringing back those who work in the area of igneous petrology. A. Hofmeister drew attention to the sharp decline in graduate student members. J. Banfield suggested that we host receptions for students. M. Carpenter commented that membership could be bolstered by including membership with meeting registration, as is done in the EUG. J. Post encouraged MSA to consider such options for spring meetings.

It was the SoC that the Spring 2000 Council meeting include, as an agenda item, an examination of Spring meeting options for MSA.

5. Adjournment J. Post moved that the 1st 2000 Council meeting be adjourned. S = S. Sorensen. The motion passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned at 5:10 PM.
Respectfully submitted,

David M. Jenkins, MSA Secretary.