Mineralogical Society of America, Founded December 30, 1919

2011 MSA Committees And Appointed Posts

(revised 09/05/2011)

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE  David L. Bish (2011 MSA President), Chair
John B. Brady (2011 MSA Past-President)
Michael F. Hochella Jr. (2011 MSA Vice-President)
Darrell J. Henry (2011-2012 MSA Treasurer)
Mickey E. Gunter (2010-2011 MSA Secretary)

ROEBLING MEDAL COMMITTEE (Award for 2012)  Sumit Chakraborty, Chair (2011) 
Hans Keppler (2009-2011)
Ronald H. Vernon (2009-2011)
Ernst A. J. Burke (2010-2012)
Gordon E. Brown Jr. (2010-2012)
Bernard W. Evans (2011-2013)
Carol D. Frost (2011-2013)

DANA MEDAL COMMITTEE (Award for 2013)  Wendy A. Bohrson, Chair (2011)
Harry W. Green II (2009-2011)
Jon D. Woodhead (2009-2011)
Mona-Liza C. Sirbescu (2010-2012)
Reid F. Cooper (2010-2012)
Gilberto Artioli (2011-2013)
William A. Bassett (2011-2013)

MSA AWARD COMMITTEE (Award for 2012)  Penelope L. King, (2011) Chair
Isabelle Daniel (2009-2011)
Zachary D. Sharp (2009-2011)
Giancarlo Della Ventura (2010-2012)
James A. Tyburczy (2010-2012)
Mark S. Ghiorso (2011-2013)
Abby Kavner (2011-2013)

DISTINGUISHED PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD COMMITTEE (Award for 2013)  John W. Valley, (2011-2014) Chair 
Peter Robinson (2009-2012)
Nancy J. McMillan (2009-2012)
David W. Mogk (2009-2012)
Jeffrey E. Post (2010-2013)
Peter J. Heaney (2011-2014)
Alan G. Whittington (2011-2014)

CRYSTALLOGRAPHY RESEARCH GRANT COMMITTEE (Grant for 2012)  Research Grant in Crystallography from the Edward H. Kraus Crystallographic Research Trust Fund  Pamela C. Burnley, Chair (2011)
Christine M. Clark (2009-2011)
Yongjae Lee (2010-2012)
Giacomo Diego Gatta (2011-2013)

MINERALOGY/PETROLOGY RESEARCH GRANT COMMITTEE (Grant for 2012)  MSA Grant for Student Research in Mineralogy and Petrology  Guy L. Hovis, Chair (2011)
John R. Bowman (2009-2011)
Cliff S.J. Shaw (2009-2011)
Larissa F. Dobrzhinetskaya (2010-2012)
Roberta Oberti (2011-2013)

NOMINATING COMMITTEE FOR FELLOWS Donna L. Whitney (2009-2011), Chair 2011
Masaki Enami (2009-2011)
I-Ming Chou (2010-2012)
John B. Parise (2010-2012)
Peter I Nabelek (2011-2013)
Reto Giere (2011-2013)

COMMITTEE ON MANAGEMENT   David L. Bish (2011 MSA President), Chair
John B. Brady (2011 MSA Past-President)
Michael F. Hochella Jr. (2011 MSA Vice-President)
Darrell J. Henry (2011-2012 MSA Treasurer)
Mickey E. Gunter (2010-2011 MSA Secretary)

FINANCIAL ADVISORY AND AUDIT COMMITTEE  Mark van Baalen (2009-2011), Chair (2011) 
Howard W. Day (2009-2011)
John M. Hughes (2011-2013)
John T. Cheney (2011-2013)
David R. Snoeyenbos (2011-2013)
Darrell J. Henry (2011-2012 MSA Treasurer)
David L. Bish (2011 MSA President, Management Committee Chair)
Michael F. Hochella Jr. (2011 MSA Vice-President)
Mickey E. Gunter (2010-2011 MSA Secretary)

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Penelope L. King (2010), Chair
Sumit Chakraborty
Rona J. Donahoe
Jane A. Gilotti
Peggy A. O'Day

COMMITTEE ON COMMITTEES Michael F. Hochella Jr (2011 MSA Vice-President), Chair
John M. Hughes (2011 MSA Vice-Presidental candidate)
Theodore C. Labotka (2011 MSA Vice-Presidental candidate)
Mickey E. Gunter (2010-2011 MSA Secretary)
John R. Farver (2011)
John C. Schumacher (2011)

NOMINATING COMMITTEE FOR OFFICERS (for 2010 election and terms start 2011) Marc M. Hirschmann, Chair (2011)
Ian Parsons (2009-2011)
Christian Chopin (2010-2012)
Philip E. Brown (2010-2012)
Barb Dutrow (2011-2013)
Craig E. Manning (2011-2013)

George H. Beall
Barb Dutrow
Joshua M. Feinberg
Richard John Harrison
Charles T. Prewitt
Paul B. Tomascak
E. Bruce Watson
Bernard J. Wood

MSA LECTURE PROGRAM COMMITTEE Jane A. Gilotti (2010-2012), Chair 2011
Anton Beran (2009-2011)
Catherine Ann McCammon (2009-2011)
Charles E. Lesher (2010-2012)
Jade Star Lackey (2011-2013)
Monika-Koch Mueller (2011-2013)
Steven R. Dunn (Lecture Program Administrator) (2010-)

COMMITTEE ON SHORT COURSES  Lee A. Groat (2009-2011), Chair (2011)
Paul B. Tomascak (2006-2010), past-Chair (2011)
Daniel E. Harlov (2010-2012)
Joanne Elizabeth Stubbs (2011-2013)
Scott A. Wood (Geochemical Society Editor for Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry) (2005-)
Jodi Rosso (Series Editor, Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry) (2003-)

BENEFACTORS COMMITTEE  John M. Hughes (2010-) Chair, Corporate Donations & Capital Campaign
Peter J. Heaney (2009-) Chair, Membership Giving

OUTREACH COMMITTEE  Robert T. Downs, co-Chair overseeing Mineral Databases (1999-)

xxx, co-Chair overseeing K-12 Outreach (2010-)
Vickie Harder (2002-)

PUBLICATIONS DIRECTOR  Michael F. Hochella Jr. (2011)
AMERICAN MINERALOGIST  Editor: Jennifer A. Thomson (2009-)
Editor: Martin Kunz (2010-
Editor: Ian Swainson (2010-)
Managing Editor: Rachel A. Russell (1996- )
Technical Editor for Crystal Structures: Ronald C. Peterson (2009-)
New Mineral Names Editor: Paula C. Piilonen (2005-)
Book Review Editor: John C. Schumacher
Board of Associate Editors

HANDBOOK OF MINERALOGY Editor: Kenneth W. Bladh (2010- )
ELEMENTS  MSA News Editor: Andrea Koziol (2005- )
Advisory Board for MSA: George E. Harlow
Advisory Board for MSA: Roberta Oberti
Executive Committee for MSA: Barb L. Dutrow (2009- )

GEOSCIENCEWORLD  Board of Directors for MSA: Douglas Rumble III (2009-2011)
Advisory Council for MSA: Rodney C. Ewing (2009-2011)

American Geological Institute (AGI) - J. Alex Speer (1999-)
AGU Mineral Physics Committee - Heather C. Watson (2010-)
Clay Minerals Society (CMS) - David L. Bish (1988-)
European Mineralogical Union (EMU) - Charles A. Geiger (2000-)
Friends of Mineralogy (FM) - Julian C. Gray (2007-)
Gemological Institute of America (GIA) - George Rossman (1992-)
Geological Society of America's Mineralogy, Petrology, Voclanology, and Geochemistry Division (GSA-MPVG) - Wendy A. Bohrson (2010-
Geochemical Society (GS) - Michael F. Hochella Jr. (2011-)
GeoScienceWorld (GSW) Advisory Council - Rodney C. Ewing (2009-2011)
GeoScienceWorld (GSW) Board of Directors - Douglas Rumble III (2009-2011)
International Mineralogical Association (IMA) - George E. Harlow (2007-)
International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD) - Jeffrey E. Post (1995-)
Society of Mineral Museum Professionals (SMMP) - George E. Harlow (1994-)


MSA Representative to GSA JTPC - Philip E. Brown (2002-)
MSA Delegate to GSA JTPC - James S. Beard (2002-)
MSA Representative to Goldschmidt Conference - Penelope L. King (2010-)
MSA-AGU Meetings Laison - Abby Kavner (2005-)
MSA Representative for Spring AGU - Philip M. Piccoli (2008-)
MSA Representative for Fall AGU - Abby Kavner (2006-)
MSA Representative to AGU Mineral Physics - Heather C. Watson (2010-)
MSA Delegate to the CMS - David L. Bish (1998-)
MSA Representative to Friends of Mineralogy - Julian C. Gray (2007-)
MSA Representative to the IMA - George E. Harlow (2007-)

MSA REPRESENTATIVES on IMA COMMISSIONS and Working Groups Applied Mineralogy - H. Catherine W. Skinner (1992)
Astromineralogy - Frans J.M. Rietmeijer (2004)
Gem Materials - James E. Shigley (1996)
Inclusions in Minerals - Robert J. Bodnar (2004)
Mineral Equilibria - Darrell Kirk Nordstrom (2004)
Mineral Growth and Interface Processes - John Rakovan (2003)
Museums - Carl A. Francis (2008)
New Minerals, Mineral Names, and Classification of Minerals - Anthony R. Kampf (1992)
Ore Mineralogy - Mark D. Barton (2000)
Organic Minerals - Patricia A. Maurice (2001)
Physics of Minerals - Nancy L. Ross (2003)

MSA SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS (no formal structure or terms)  Mineral Structures - Jeffrey E. Post (2000-)
Mineral Surfaces and Interfaces - Udo Becker (2007-)
Pegmatites - David London (1992-)
Planetary Materials - Brad Jolliff (1996-)

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