Deposit Items for Volume 98, No. 11-12, November - December 2013

Gabriele Giuli, Maria Rita Cicconi, Sigrid Griet Eeckhout, Christian Koeberl, Billy P. Glass, Giovanni Pratesi, Mariangela Cestelli-Guidi and Eleonora Paris
North American microtektites are more oxidized than tektites   1930
Item #AM-13-1111

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M. Darby Dyar, Elly Breves, Erica Jawin, Gerard Marchand, Melissa Nelms, Vanessa O’Connor, Samantha Peel, Yarrow Rothstein, Elizabeth C. Sklute, Melissa D. Lane, Janice L. Bishop and Stanley A. Mertzman
Mössbauer parameters of iron in sulfate minerals   1943
Item #AM-13-1110

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Stuart J. Mills, Fabrizio Nestola, Volker Kahlenberg, Andrew G. Christy, Clivia Hejny and Günther J. Redhammer
Looking for jarosite on Mars: The low-temperature crystal structure of jarosite   1966
Item #AM-13-1103

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Eva Wadoski-Romeijn and Thomas Armbruster
Topotactic transformation and dehydration of the zeolite gismondine to a novel Ca feldspar structure   1988
Item #AM-13-1101

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Robert M. Hazen, Dimitri A. Sverjensky, David Azzolini, David L. Bish, Stephen C. Elmore, Linda Hinnov and Ralph E. Milliken
Clay mineral evolution   2007
Item #AM-13-1106

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Sabrina Rollin-Martinet, Alexandra Navrotsky, Eric Champion, David Grossin and Christophe Drouet
Thermodynamic basis for evolution of apatite in calcified tissues   2037
Item #AM-13-1107

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Yuki Asahara, Kei Hirose, Yasuo Ohishi, Naohisa Hirao, Haruka Ozawa and Motohiko Murakami
Acoustic velocity measurements for stishovite across the post-stishovite phase transition under deviatoric stress: Implications for the seismic features of subducting slabs in the mid-mantle   2053
Item #AM-13-1114

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Rossella Arletti, Giovanna Vezzalini, Simona Quartieri, Fernando Cámara and Matteo Alvaro
A new framework topology in the dehydrated form of zeolite levyne   2063
Item #AM-13-1108

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Kiyotaka Ishida
Mid- and far-infrared spectra of synthetic CaMg2(Al4–xGax)(Si1–yGey)O10(OH,OD)2-clintonite: Characterization and assignment of the Ca-Oinner and Ca-Oouter stretching bands   2075
Item #AM-13-1104

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Wansheng Xiao, Dayong Tan, Wei Zhou, Jing Liu and Jian Xu
Cubic perovskite polymorph of strontium metasilicate at high pressures   2096
Item #AM-13-1102

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Luis Sánchez-Muñoz, Jesús Sanz, Isabel Sobrados and Zhehong Gan
Medium-range order in disordered K-feldspars by multinuclear NMR   2115
Item #AM-13-1112

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Georgia Cametti, Alessandro Pacella, Francesco Mura, Marco Rossi and Paolo Ballirano
New morphological, chemical, and structural data of woolly erionite-Na from Durkee, Oregon, U.S.A.   2155
Item #AM-13-1105

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J.J. Papike, P.V. Burger, A.S. Bell, L. Le, C.K. Shearer, S.R. Sutton, J. Jones, and M. Newville
Developing vanadium valence state oxybarometers (spinel-melt, olivine-melt, spinel-olivine) and V/(Cr+Al) partitioning (spinel-melt) for martian olivine-phyric basalts   2193
Item #AM-13-1109

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S.A. Morse and Julien Allaz
Experimental partitioning of Sr and Ba in Kiglapait feldspars   2197
Item #AM-13-1113

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