Deposit Items for Volume 97, No. 0809, July 2012

Cristiana L. Ciobanu, Nigel J. Cook, Satoshi Utsunomiya, Masashi Kogagwa, Leonard Green, Sarah Gilbert, and Benjamin Wade
Gold-telluride nanoparticles revealed in arsenic-free pyrite   1515

Item #AM-12-080
Deposit items 1–5.
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Nancy Birkner and Alexandra Navrotsky
Thermodynamics of manganese oxides: Effects of particle size and hydration on oxidation-reduction equilibria among hausmannite, bixbyite, and pyrolusite   1291

Item #AM-12-049
Supplemental information.
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Edgar Dachs, Charles A. Geiger, Artur Benisek, and KlausDieter Grevel
Grossular: A crystal-chemical, calorimetric, and thermodynamic study   1299

Item #AM‑12‑059

CIFs, Appendices 1 and 2, Supplementary Tables 1–3, and Figures 1, 2, 3, 9, 15, 16, and 17.
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Paolo Ballirano
Thermal behavior of realgar As4S4, and of arsenolite As2O3 and non-stoichiometric As8S8+x crystals produced from As4S4 melt recrystallization   1320

Item #AM-12-063

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Matteo Ardit, Giuseppe Cruciani, and Michele Dondi
Structural relaxation in tetrahedrally coordinated Co2+ along the gahnite-Co-aluminate spinel solid solution   1394

Item #AM-12-053

Deposit Table
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Andreas Ertl, Uwe Kolitsch, M. Darby Dyar, John M. Hughes, George R. Rossman, Adam Pieczka, Darrell J. Henry, Federico Pezzotta, Stefan Prowatke, Christian L. Lengauer, Wilfried Körner, Franz Brandstätter, Carl A. Francis, Markus Prem, and Ekkehart Tillmanns
Limitations of Fe2+ and Mn2+ site occupancy in tourmaline: Evidence from Fe2+- and Mn2+-rich tourmaline   1402

Item #AM-12-057

Tables 6 and 7; CIFs. zipped files (48 KB)

Francesco Demartin, Italo Campostrini, Carlo Castellano, and Carlo Maria Gramaccioli
Argesite, (NH4)7Bi3Cl16, a new mineral from La Fossa Crater, Vulcano, Aeolian Islands, Italy: A first example of the [Bi2Cl10]4− anion   1446

Item #AM-12-052

Crystallographic Information File
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Ernesto Mesto, Fernando Scordari, Maria Lacalamita, and Emanuela Schingaro
Tobelite and NH4+-rich muscovite single crystals from Ordovician Armorican sandstones (Brittany, France): Structure and crystal chemistry   1460

Item #AM-12-054

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Rebecca A. French, Manuel A. Caraballo, Bojeong Kim, J.D. Rimstidt, Mitsuhiro Murayama, and Michael F. Hochella Jr.
The enigmatic iron oxyhydroxysulfate nanomineral schwertmannite: Morphology, structure, and composition   1469

Item #AM-12-060

13 supplemental figures and a video file
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Nathalie Bolfan-Casanova, Manuel Muñoz, Catherine McCammon, Etienne Deloule, Anais Férot, Sylvie Demouchy, Lydéric France, Denis Andrault, and Sakura Pascarelli
Ferric iron and water incorporation in wadsleyite under hydrous and oxidizing conditions: A XANES, Mössbauer, and SIMS study   1483

Item #AM-12-069

Supplementary Figures 1 and 2
Bolfan-Casanova_p1483_12_Figures.pdf pdf (560 KB)

Fernando Cámara, Fabio Bellatreccia, Giancarlo Della Ventura, Mickey E. Gunter, Marco Sebastiani, and Andrea Cavallo
Kircherite, a new mineral of the cancrinite-sodalite group with a 36-layer stacking sequence: Occurrence and crystal structure   1494

Item #AM-12-062

Structure factors
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