Deposit Items for Volume 96, No. 10, October 2011

Manuel Sánchez del Río, Emilia García-Romero, Mercedes Suárez, Iván da Silva, Luis Fuentes-Montero, and Gema Martínez-Criado
Variability in sepiolite: Diffraction studies   1443

Item #AM-11-053

Crystallographic Information Files
Sanchez_del_Río_p1443_11_CIF1.txt cif (532 K)
Sanchez_del_Río_p1443_11_CIF2.txt cif (532 K)
Sanchez_del_Río_p1443_11_CIF3.txt cif (532 K)
Sanchez_del_Río_p1443_11_CIF4.txt cif (532 K)
Sanchez_del_Río_p1443_11_CIF5.txt cif (532 K)
Sanchez_del_Río_p1443_11_CIF6.txt cif (532 K)

Koichiro Umemoto, Renata M. Wentzcovitch, Marc M. Hirschmann, David L. Kohlstedt, and Anthony C. Withers
A first-principles investigation of hydrous defects and IR frequencies in forsterite: The case for Si vacancies   1475

Item #AM-11-051

Crystallographic Information Files
Umemoto_p1475_11_Cif1.txt cif (8 KB)
Umemoto_p1475_11_Cif2.txt cif (8 KB)
Umemoto_p1475_11_Cif3.txt cif (8 KB)
Umemoto_p1475_11_Cif4.txt cif (8 KB)

Richard M. Thompson, Robert T. Downs, and Przemyslaw Dera
The compression pathway of quartz   1495

Item #AM-11-054

Appendix Figures 1–7
Thompson_p1495_11_Figures.pdf pdf (384 KB)
Appendix Table (Hypothetical Crystal Structures)
Thompson_p1495_11_Table.pdf pdf (20 KB)

Reinhard Kaindl, Daniel M. Többens, and Udo Haefeker
Quantum-mechanical calculations of the Raman spectra of Mg- and Fe-cordierite   1568

Item #AM-11-052

Supplementary material.
Kaindl_p1568_11_1.txt txt (612 KB)
Kaindl_p1568_11_2.txt txt (596 KB)
Kaindl_p1568_11_2.txt txt (28 KB)

Akihiko Nakatsuka, Mami Shimokawa, Noriaki Nakayama, Osamu Ohtaka, Hiroshi Arima, Maki Okube, and Akira Yoshiasa
Static disorders of atoms and experimental determination of Debye temperature in pyrope: Low- and high-temperature single-crystal X-ray diffraction study   1593

Item #AM-11-050

Supplementary Tables 1–3
Nakatsuka_p1593_11_tables.doc Microsoft Word (608 KB)
Crystallographic Information File
pyrope(AmMin).cif cif (192 KB)

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