Deposit Items for Volume 94, No. 11-12, November - December 2009

Hexiong Yang, William W. Pinch, and Robert T. Downs
Crystal structure of argentopyrite, AgFe2S3, and its relationship with cubanite   1727

Item #AM-09-055

Crystallographic Information File (CIF)
argentopyrite.cif Text (12 K)

Xianyu Xue, Shuangmeng Zhai, and Masami Kanzaki
Si-Al distribution in high-pressure CaAl4Si2O11 phase: A 29Si and 27Al NMR study   1739

Item #Deposit item AM-09-056

Figure 1
Xue_p1739_09_Fig1.pdf pdf (1.4 MB)

Anthony R. Kampf
Miguelromeroite, the Mn analogue of sainfeldite, and redefinition of villyaellenite as an ordered intermediate in the sainfeldite-miguelromeroite series   1535

Item #AM-09-048

Data sets, Crystallographic Information Files (CIF) and Observed and calculated structure factors
miguelromeroite.cif text (16 K)
villyaellenite.cif text (20 K)
miguelromeroite-SF table.doc Microsoft Word (88 K)
villyaellenite-SF table.doc Microsoft Word (60 K)

G. Diego Gatta, R. Rinaldi, G.J. McIntyre, G. Nénert, F. Bellatreccia, A. Guastoni, and G. Della Ventura
On the crystal structure and crystal chemistry of pollucite, (Cs,Na)16Al16Si32O96·nH2O: A natural microporous material of interest in nuclear technology   1560

Item #AM-09-049

Crystallographic Information Files (CIF)
M3_Neutron_pollucite.cif Text (8 K)
M3_Xray_pollucite.cif Text (84 K)
N5_Neutron_pollucite.cif Text (4 K)
N5_Xray_pollucite.cif Text (4 K)

Céleste D.M. Dufresne, Penelope L. King, M. Darby Dyar, and Kim N. Dalby
Effect of SiO2, total FeO, Fe3+/Fe2+, and alkali elements in basaltic glasses on mid-infrared spectra   1580

Item #AM-09-050

Appendix Table A1. Experimental and analytical data for repeated analyses of synthetic basaltic glasses
Dufresne_p1580_09_Table.xls Microsoft Excel (68 K)
Appendix Figures A1. Plot of KK-abs. peak location vs. FeO total wt% of basaltic glasses and A2. Plot of KK-abs. peak location vs. CaO wt% of basaltic glasses.
Dufresne_p1580_09_Figures.pdf pdf (200 K)

Pascal Richet, Atsusi Nidaira, Daniel R. Neuville, and Tooru Atake
Influence of cation size on the low-temperature heat capacity of alkaline earth metasilicate glasses   1591

Item #AM-09-051

Appendix Tables (measured heat capacities)
Richet_p1591_09_Tables.doc Microsoft word (60 K)

Sonia Ackermann, Biljana Lazic, Thomas Armbruster, Stephen Doyle, Klaus-Dieter Grevel, and Juraj Majzlan
Thermodynamic and crystallographic properties of kornelite [Fe2(SO4)3·~7.75H2O] and paracoquimbite [Fe2(SO4)3·9H2O]   1620

Item #AM-09-052

Supplementary Table. Interatomic distances (Å) and angles (°) for kornelite
Ackermann_p1620_09_Table.doc Microsoft word (60 K)
Crystallographic Information Files (CIF)
kornelite.cif text (16 K)
paracoquimbite.cif text (60 K)

Fernando Scordari and Gennaro Ventruti
Sideronatrite, Na2Fe(SO4)2(OH)·3H2O: Crystal structure of the orthorhombic polytype and OD character analysis   1679

Item #AM-09-054

Crystallographic Information File (CIF)
sideronatrite.cif text (16 K)

Damien Daval, Isabelle Martinez, Jean-Michel Guigner, Roland Hellmann, Jérôme Corvisier, Nathaniel Findling, Christian Dominici, Bruno Goffé, and François Guyot
Mechanism of wollastonite carbonation deduced from micro- to nanometer length scale observations   1707

Item #AM-09-053

Appendices A and B.
Daval_p1707_09_Appendices.pdf (432 K)

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