Deposit Items for Volume 94, No. 0203, February-March 2009

María Dolores Ruiz Cruz and Carlos Sanz de Galdeano
Suhailite, a new ammonium trioctahedral mica   210

Item #AM-09-009

Appendix 1. Refinement of cell parameters of 1M annite and intermediate annite—suhailite mica, obtained using XPowder (Martín 2004)

Appendix 2. EDX analyses of annite, intermediate mica, and suhailite
RuizCruz_p210_09_Append.doc Microsoft Word (1 MB)

Alexandra Rey, Satoshi Utsunomiya, Javier Giménez, Ignasi Casas, Joan de Pablo and Rodney C. Ewing
Stability of uranium (VI) peroxide hydrates under ionizing radiation   229

Item #AM-09-007

Video 1. (In situ observation of SAED ring pattern of metastudtite during the irradiation experiment at room temperature. The dose rate of the irradiation is 4.1 × 105 Gy/s.)
Rey_p229_09_V1.wmv WindowsMediaVideo (3.5 MB)

S. Merlino, E. Bonaccorsi, A.I. Grabezhev, A.E. Zadov, N.N. Pertsev, and N.V. Chukanov
Fukalite: An example of an OD structure with two-dimensional disorder   323

Item #AM-09-011

Tables 9-13. Atomic coordinates for the MDO- polytypes in the fukalite family
Merlino_p323_09_T9-13.doc Microsoft Word (1.5 MB)
Fig 1. Six Different MDO polytypes
Merlino_p323_09_F1.pdf PDF (520 K)
Appendix: MDO Structures in the fukalite family
Merlino_p323_09_Append.doc Microsoft Word (72 K)
h,k,l, Fc-squared, Fo-squared, sigma(Fo-squared) and status flag
fukalite.fcf text (100 K)
fukalite.cif Crystallographic Information File (80 K)

Yun Luo, John M. Hughes, John Rakovan, and Yuanming Pan
Crystal chemistry of the magnetite-ulvöspinel Site preference of U and Th in Cl, F, and Sr apatites   345

Item #AM-09-008

Table 6. Anisotropic thermal parameters
Luo_p345_09_Table6.doc Microsoft Word (104 K)
Table 7. Observed and calculated structure factors
Luo_p345_09_Table7.doc Microsoft Word (2.2 MB)

Pier Francesco Zanazzi, Laura Chelazzi, Paola Bonazzi, and Luca Bindi
High-pressure structural behavior of ingersonite, Ca3Mn2+Sb5+4O14: An in-situ single-crystal X-ray study   352

Item #AM-09-010

Table 4 Observed and calculated structure factors.
Zanazzi_p352_09_Table4.txt text (112 K)

Jianwei Wang and Udo Becker
Structure and carbonate orientation of vaterite (CaCO3)   380

Item #AM-09-006, Appendix 1.

Appendix 1. Plots of the fluctuations of total energy, temperature, pressure, and volume as a function of MD run time for calcite.
Wang_p380-386_09_Append.doc Microsoft Word (236 K)

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