Deposit Items for Volume 93, No. 10, October 2008

Daniela Rubatto, Othmar Müntener, Auke Barnhoorn, and Courtney Gregory
Dissolution-reprecipitation of zircon at low-temperature, high-pressure conditions (Lanzo Massif, Italy)   1519

Item #AM-08-049

Appendix 1. LA-ICPMS trace element analyses of zircon. Values are in ppm.
Rubatto_p1519_08_A1.pdf PDF (16 K)
Appendix 2. U-Pb SHRIMP analyses of zircon.
Rubatto_p1519_08_A2.pdf PDF (28 K)
Appendix 3. Major element composition of representative Na-pyroxene found in the matrix or as inclusion in zircon and allanite.
Rubatto_p1519_08_A3.pdf PDF (16 K)
Appendix 4. EMP analyses of dated allanite.
Rubatto_p1519_08_A4.pdf PDF (24 K)
Appendix 5. LA-ICPMS analyses of allanite. Values are in ppm.
Rubatto_p1519_08_A5.pdf PDF (16 K)
Appendix 6: Allanite SHRIMP U-Th-Pb data.
Rubatto_p1519_08_A6.pdf PDF (20 K)

Paola Comodi, Sabrina Nazzareni, Pier Francesco Zanazzi, and Sergio Speziale
High-pressure behavior of gypsum: A single-crystal X-ray study   1530

Item #AM-08-052

Table 3a. Observed and calculated structure factors for gypsum Sp.G: C2/c in air
Comodi_p1530_08_T3a.txt text (52 K)

George E. Harlow and Frank C. Hawthorne
Herderite from Mogok, Myanmar, and comparison with hydroxyl-herderite from Ehrenfriedersdorf, Germany   1545

Item #AM-08-045

Herderite.cif crystallographic information file (8 K)

Ferdinando Bosi
Disordering of Fe2+ over octahedrally coordinated sites of tourmaline   1647

Item #AM-08-051

Table 3. Anisotropic displacement parameters for atoms in the Utö tourmaline
Bosi_p1647_08_T3.doc Microsoft Word (208 K)
Uto crystallographic information file
Uto.cif crystallographic information file (8 K)

Mario Tribaudino, Marco Bruno, Gianluca Iezzi, Giancarlo Della Ventura, and Irene Margiolaki
The thermal behavior of richterite   1659

Item #AM-08-047

Table 2. Refined XRPD cell parameters
Tribaudino_p1659_08_T2.doc Microsoft Word (308 K)
Table 5. Cell parameters used in the calculation of the strain ellipsoids reported in Table 4.
Tribaudino_p1659_08_T5.doc Microsoft Word (68 K)
Fig. 1 x-ray diffraction patterns
Tribaudino_p1659_08_F1.pdf pdf (224 K)

Natalie V. Pervukhina, Stanislav V. Borisov, Svetlana A. Magarill, Dmitrii Yu. Naumov, and Vladimir I. Vasil'ev
The crystal structure of kelyanite, (Hg2)6(SbO6)BrCl2   1666

Item #AM-08-048

Table 1. Anisotropic displacement parameters kelyanite
Pervukhina_p1666_08_T1.doc Microsoft Word (64 K)

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