Deposit Items for Volume 93, No. 1, January 2008

Daniel Atencio, Paulo A. Matioli, Jason B. Smith, Nikita V. Chukanov, José M.V. Coutinho, Ramimiza K. Rastsvetaeva, and Steffen Möckel
Footemineite, the Mn-analog of atencioite, from the Foote mine, Kings Mountain, Cleveland County, North Carolina, U.S.A., and its relationship with other roscheritegroup minerals   1

Item #AM-08-001

TABLE 6. Calculated (Fc) and observed (Fo) structure factors for the crystal structure of footemineite
Atencio_p1_08_T6.doc Microsoft Word (1.1 MB)

Daniel Atencio, José M.V. Coutinho, Antonio C. Doriguetto, Yvonne P. Mascarenhas, Javier Ellena, and Viviane C. Ferrari
Menezesite, the first natural heteropolyniobate, from Cajati, São Paulo, Brazil: Description and crystal structure   81

Item #AM-08-002

TABLE 8. Observed (Fo) and calculated (Fc) structure factors for the crystal structure of menezesite
Atencio_p81_08_T8.doc Microsoft Word (936 K)

Mario Tribaudino, Andrea Artoni, Christian Mavris, Danilo Bersani, Pier Paolo Lottici, and Daniele Belletti
Single-crystal X-ray and Raman investigation on melanophlogite from Varano Marchesi (Parma, Italy)   88

Item #AM-08-003

CIF for melanophlogite, (structure deposited Cambridge Structural Database CSD no. 417910)
Tribaudino_p88_08_melanophlogite.cif Crystallographic Information Framework (12 K)

Richard M. Thompson and Robert T. Downs
The crystal structure of diopside at pressure to 10 GPa   177

Item #AM-08-004

CIFs for diopside
Thompson_p177_08_diopside.cif.txt text file (12 K)

Daouda Traoré, Anicet Beauvais, Thierry Augé, Jean Claude Parisot, Fabrice Colin, and Michel Cathelineau
Chemical and physical transfers in an ultramafic rock weathering profile: Part 2. Dissolution vs. accumulation of platinum group minerals   31

Item #AM-08-005

Table 1.
Traore_p31_08_T1.doc PDF Microsoft Word (116 K)

Table 2.
Traore_p31_08_T2.doc PDF Microsoft Word (108 K)

Hao Cheng, Zuyi Zhou, and Eizo Nakamura
Crystal-size distribution and composition of garnets in eclogites from the Dabie orogen, central China   124

Item #AM-08-006

The compositions for the zonation of various sized-garnets
Cheng_p124_08.xls Microsoft Excel (232 K)

Steven M. Reddy, Nicholas E. Timms, and Bruce M. Eglington
Electron backscatter diffraction analysis of zircon: A systematic assessment of match unit characteristics and pattern indexing optimization   187

Item #AM-08-007

Supplimentary Files
Reddy_p187_08_readme.doc Microsoft Word (232 K) (12 K)
Reddy_p187_08_Figs.pdf (12 K) (12 K)

Sarah C. Penniston-Dorland and John M. Ferry
Element mobility and scale of mass transport in the formation of quartz veins during regional metamorphism of the Waits River Formation, east-central Vermont   7

Item #AM-08-014

Appendix 1 (detection limits and uncertainties of analysis)
Penniston-Dorland_p7_08_A1.doc Microsoft Word (80 K)

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