Deposit Items for Volume 93, No. 4, April 2008

Sandro Jahn
High-pressure phase transitions in MgSiO3 orthoenstatite studied by atomistic computer simulation   528

Item #AM-08-017

Appendix B. Crystallographic Information
Jahn_p528_08_Table.doc Microsoft Word (36 K)

Jan Filip, Edgar Dachs, Jiří Tuček, Milan Novák, and Petr Bezdička
Low-temperature calorimetric and magnetic data for natural end-members of the axinite group   548

Item #AM-08-013

Appendix B. Experimental molar heat capacities of natural axinites in the temperature range 2 - 300 K
Filip_p548_08_AppendixB.pdf pdf (24 K)

G. Dörsam, A. Liebscher, B. Wunder, and G. Franz
Crystal structures of synthetic melanotekite (Pb2Fe2Si2O9), kentrolite (Pb2Mn2Si2O9), and the aluminum analogue (Pb2Al2Si2O9)   573

Item #AM-08-016

Crystallographic Information Framework files
Dorsam_p573_08_kentrolite-Al.cif cif (16 K)
Dorsam_p573_08_kentrolite.cif cif (24 K)
Dorsam_p573_08_melanotekite.cif cif (16 K)

Stephen W. Field
Diffusion, discontinuous precipitation, metamorphism, and metasomatism: The complex history of South African upper-mantle symplectites   618

Item #AM-08-015

Figure 3. A plot of bulk-rock wt% K2O vs. wt% TiO2 of Kimberley symplectite-bearing and symplectite-free peridotites showing the extent of metasomatism of the various peridotite types.
Field_p618_08_Fig3.pdf pdf file (172 K)

Table 1. Bulk element compositions of symplectite-bearing peridotites.
Field_p618_08_Table1.pdf pdf file (48 K)

Table 2. Selected olivine compositions.
Field_p618_08_Table2.pdf pdf file (36 K)

Table 3. Selected symplectite clinopyroxene compositions.
Field_p618_08_Table3.pdf pdf file (44 K)

Table 4. Selected spinel compositions.
Field_p618_08_Table4.pdf pdf file (40 K)

Table 5. Selected orthopyroxene compositions.
Field_p618_08_Table5.pdf pdf file (44 K)

Table 8. Amphibole compositions.
Field_p618_08_Table8.pdf pdf file (40 K)

Table 9. Phlogopite compositions.
Field_p618_08_Table9.pdf pdf file (40 K)

Jeffrey E. Post and Peter J. Heaney
Synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction study of the structure and dehydration behavior of palygorskite   667

Item #AM-08-018

Appendix 1. Atomic coordinates and isotropic displacement factors for 100 K palygorskite (Korea)
Post_p667_08_Appendix1.doc Microsoft Word (52 K)

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