Deposit Items for Volume 92, No. 11-12, November - December 2007

Frank J. Spera, Wendy A. Bohrson, Christy B. Till, and Mark S. Ghiorso
Partitioning of trace elements among coexisting crystals, melt, and supercritical fluid during isobaric crystallization and melting   1881

Item #AM-07-034

Appendix 1 (a compilation of mineral-fluid and melt-fluid partition coefficients).
Spera_p1881-Appendix_07.xls Microsoft Excel Worksheet (252 K)

Steffen H. B├╝ttner and Simone A. Kasemann
Deformation-controlled cation diffusion in tourmaline: A microanalytical study on trace elements and boron isotopes   1862

Item #AM-07-033

Figs. 5, 6, and 7: EPMA major element analyses of crystal 4/1, photomicrographs, and trace-element zonation profiles. Furthermore, detailed diagrams showing intracrystal diffusion and matrix exchange of trace elements.
Buttner_p1862_07_figs.pdf PDF (436 K)

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