Deposit Items for Volume 92, No. 5-6, May-June 2007

Giancarlo Della Ventura, Fabio Bellatreccia, Gian Carlo Parodi, Fernando Cámara, and Massimo Piccinini
Single-crystal FTIR and X-ray study of vishnevite, ideally [Na6(SO4)][Na2(H2O)2](Si6Al6O24)   713

Item #AM-07-018

Table 6 Observed and calculated structure factors
DellaVentura_p713_07_T6.pdf PDF (56 K)

Richard A. Ketcham, Andrew Carter, Raymond A. Donelick, Jocelyn Barbarand, and Anthony J. Hurford
Improved measurement of fission-track annealing in apatite using c-axis projection   789

Item #AM-07-019

Ketcham_p789_07_App.xls Microsoft Excel (244 K)

Tashia J. Dzikowski, Lee A. Groat, and Edward S. Grew
The geometric effects of VFe2+ for VMg substitution on the crystal structures of the grandidierite-ominelite series   863

Item #AM-07-021

Table 4 Observed and calculated structure factors
Dzikowski_p863_07_T4.txt text file (164 K)

Table 6 Displacement parameters
Dzikowski_p863_07_T6.doc Microsoft Word (176 K)

Table 8 Polyhedral edges
Dzikowski_p863_07_T8.doc Microsoft Word (84 K)

Table 9 Distortion parameters
Dzikowski_p863_07_T9.doc Microsoft Word (44 K)

Paola Bonazzi and Luca Bindi
The crystal structure of ingersonite, Ca3Mn2+Sb5+4O14, and its relationships with pyrochlore   947

Item #AM-07-020

Table 3 Observed and calculated structure factors
Bonazzi_p947_07_T3.pdf (32 K)

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