Deposit Items for Volume 90, No. 1, January, 2005

Ettore Fois, Aldo Gamba, Gloria Tabacchi, Rossella Arletti, Simona Quartieri, and Giovanna Vezzalini
The "template" effect of the extra-framework content on zeolite compression: The case of yugawaralite   28

Item #AM-05-002

Table 2. Crystallographic coordinates averaged over unit I and II
Fois_p28_05_Table2.doc Microsoft Word Document (116 K)

Table 4. T-O-T angles
Fois_p28_05_Table4.doc Microsoft Word Document (44 K)

R. James Evans, Denis G. Rancourt, and Michael Grodzicki
Hyperfine electric field gradients and local distortion environments of octahedrally coordinated Fe2+   187

Item #AM-05-006

Figure 14
Evans_p187_05_Fig14.pdf PDF Document (12 K)

David Walker, Pramod K. Verma, Lachlan M.D. Cranswick, Simon M. Clark, Raymond L. Jones, and Stephan Buhre
Halite-sylvite thermoconsolution   229

Item #AM-05-001

Animation #1
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Animation #2
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Andrew J. Locock, Peter C. Burns, and Theodore M. Flynn
The role of water in the structures of synthetic hallimondite, Pb2[(UO2)(AsO4)2](H2O)n and synthetic parsonsite, Pb2[(UO2)(PO4)2](H2O)n, 0 ≤ n ≤ 0.5   240

Item #AM-05-005

Table 8. Structure factors for hallimondite
Locock_p240_05_Table_8.doc Microsoft Word Document (2.1 MB)

Table 9. Structure factors for parsonsite
Locock_p240_05_Table_9.doc Microsoft Word Document (1.9 MB)

Yongjae Lee, Joseph A. Hriljac, John B. Parise, and Thomas Vogt
Pressure-induced stabilization of ordered paranatrolite: A new insight into the paranatrolite controversy   252

Item #AM-05-004

Supplimental Table
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