Deposit Items for Volume 89, No. 10, October, 2004

Michael E. Fleet, Xiaoyang Liu, and Penelope L. King
Accommodation of the carbonate ion in apatite: An FTIR and X-ray structure study of crystals synthesized at 2—4 GPa   1422

Item #AM-04-071

Table 6. Observed and calculated structure factors
Fleet_p1422_Table6.pdf PDF (72 K)
Fleet_p1422_Table6.doc Microsoft word doc (108 K)

Fernando Cámara, Roberta Oberti, Giancarlo Della Ventura, Mark D. Welch, and Walter V. Maresch
The crystal-structure of synthetic NaNa2Mg5Si8O21(OH)3, a triclinic C1 amphibole with a triple-cell and excess hydrogen   1464

Item #AM-04-070

Table 3. Observed and calculated structure factors
Camara_p1464_Table3.pdf PDF (120 K)

Luca Bindi and Curzio Cipriani
Ordered distribution of Au and Ag in the crystal structure of muthmannite, AuAgTe2, a rare telluride from Sacarîmb, western Romania   1505

Item #AM-04-072

Table 3. Observed and calculated structure factors
Bindi_p1505_Table3.doc Microsoft word doc (160 K)

Juliette F. Forneris and John R. Holloway
Evolution of mineral compositions during eclogitization of subducting basaltic crust   1516

Appendix A. Tables A.1, A.2, A.3, and A.4
Forneris_p1516_04_appendA.doc (144 K)

Massimo Boiocchi, Athos Callegari, Luisa Ottolini, and Adriana Maras
The chemistry and crystal structure of okanoganite-(Y) and comparison with vicanite-(Ce)   1540

Item #AM-04-069

Table 3. Anisotropic atom-displacement coefficients
Boiocchi_p1540_Table3.doc Microsoft word doc (44 K)

Table 5. Observed and calculated structure factors
Boiocchi_p1540_Table5.pdf pdf (132 K)
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Kurt Steffen
An automated system for phase identification and quantitative composition determination using the electron microprobe: Theory and applications   1546

MATLAB source code, Windows executable, a manual, and supporting files (8.6 MB)

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