Deposit Items for Volume 87, No. 7, July, 2002

Charles W. Mandeville, James D. Webster, Malcolm J. Rutherford, Bruce E. Taylor, Adrian Timbal, and Kevin Faure
Determination of molar absorptivities for infrared absorption bands of H2O in andesitic glasses   813

Item #AM-02-011

Mandeville_p813_02_Table3.pdf (68 K)
Table 3 Total Dissolved H O, H O(m), and OH - Concentrations in Fe-bearing Glasses Based on Infrared Absorbances

Mandeville_p813_02_Table4.pdf (72 K)
Table 4 Total Dissolved H2O, H2O(m), and OH - Concentrations in Fe-free Glasses Based on Infrared Absorbance

José M. Caballero, Roberta Oberti, and Luisa Ottolini
Ferripedrizite, a new monoclinic BLi amphibole end-member from the Eastern Pedriza Massif, Sierra de Guadarrama, Spain, and a restatement of the nomenclature of Mg-Fe-Mn-Li amphiboles   976

Item #AM-02-009

Caballero_p976_02_Table7.pdf (104 K)
Table 7. Observed and calculated structure factors

Stearns A. Morse
Memorial of Richard Edwin Stoiber, 1911-2001   1024

Morse_p1024_02_Pubs.pdf (168 K)
Selected Publications of Richard Edwin Stoiber

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