Deposit Items for Volume 87, No. 2-3, February-March, 2002

Fernando Nieto
Characterization of coexisting NH4- and K-micas in very low-grade metapelites   205

Item #AM-02-003

Nieto_p205_02_Table2.html (8 KB)
Table 2. Chemical composition of rocks containing tobelites

Clivia Hejny and Thomas Armbruster
Polysomatism in högbomite: The crystal structures of 10T, 12H, 14T, and 24R polysomes   277

Item #AM-02-002

Hejny_p277_02_Appendix1.html (400 KB)
Appendix 1: Observed and calculated F-values of högbomite-24R

Hejny_p277_02_Appendix2.html (360 KB)
Appendix 2: Observed and calculated F-values of högbomite-10T

Hejny_p277_02_Appendix3-4.html (32 KB)
Appendix 3. Bond valences (v.u.) for högbomite-24R

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