Deposit Items for Volume 85, No. 5-6, May-June, 2000

Luiz Carlos da Silva, Léo Afraneo Hartmann, Neal J. McNaughton, and Ian Fletcher
Zircon U-Pb SHRIMP dating of a Neoproterozoic overprint in Paleoproterozoic granitic-gneissic terranes, southern Brazil    649

Item #AM-99-046

Silva_p649_00_Appendix1.html (26K)
Appendix 1

Liping Wang, Roland C. Rouse, Eric J. Essene, Donald R. Peacor, and Youxue Zhang
Carmichaelite, a new hydroxyl-bearing titanate from Garnet Ridge, Arizona   792

Item #AM-00-044

Wang_p792_00_Table4.html (56K)
Table 4. Observed and calculated structure factors

Peter C. Burns
A new uranyl phosphate chain in the structure of parsonsite       801

Item #AM-00-043

Table 5 . Structure Factors

Joel D. Grice and Pete J. Dunn
Crystal-structure determination of pinalite       806

Item #AM-00-042

Grice_p806_00_Table4.html (54K)
Table 4. Observed and calculated structure factors

Paulus B. Moore, Anthony R. Kampf, and P.K. Sen Gupta
The crystal structure of philolithite, a trellis-like open framework based on cubic closest-packing of anions       810

Item #AM-00-045

Moore_p810_00_Table3.html (83K)
Table 3. Observed and calculated structure factors

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