Deposit Items for Volume 84, No. 10, October, 1999

Stefano Merlino, Elena Bonaccorsi, and Thomas Armbruster
Tobermorites: Their real structure and order-disorder (OD) character   1613

Item #AM-99-027

Merlino_p1613_99_Table7.html (300 K)
Table 7 Calculated and Observed Structure Factors

Jacques Barbier, Edward S. Grew, Paulus B. Moore, and Shu-Chun Su
Khmaralite, a new beryllium-bearing mineral related to sapphirine: A superstructure resulting from partial ordering of Be, Al, and Si on tetrahedral sites   1650

Item #AM-99-028

Barbier_p1650_99_Table6.pdf (8 K)
Table 6. Anisotropic displacement parameters

Peter C. Burns
A new complex sheet of uranyl polyhedra in the structure of wölsendorfite   1661

Item #AM-99-029

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Table 6 . Calculated and Observed Structure Factors

Miguel A. Galliski, Mark A. Cooper, Frank C. Hawthorne, and Petr Cerny
Bederite, a new pegmatite phosphate mineral from Nevados de Palermo, Argentina: Description and crystal structure   1674

Item #AM-99-025

Galliski_p1674_99_Table8.html (76 K)
Table 8. Calculated and Observed Structure Factors

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