Deposit Items for Volume 84, No. 3, March, 1999

Tibor Gasparik, John B. Parise, Richard J. Reeder, Victor G. Young, and Wendy S. Wilford
Composition, stability, and structure of a new member of the aenigmatite group, Na2Mg4+xFe3+2-2xSi6+xO20, synthesized at 13–14 GPa   257

Item #AM-99-005

Gasparik_p257_99_Table6.html (172 K)
Table 6. Calculated and Observed Structure Factors

Paola Comodi, Pier Francesco Zanazzi, Zdenek Weiss, Milan Rieder, and Milan Drábek
"Cs-tetra-ferri-annite:" High-pressure and high-temperature behavior of a potential nuclear waste disposal phase   325

Item #AM-99-006

Comodie_p325_99_Table3.html (104 K)
Table 3. Calculated and Observed Structure Factors

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