Deposit Items for Volume 84, No. 1-2, January-February, 1999

Roberta Oberti, Frank C. Hawthorne, Fernando Camara, and Mati Raudsepp
Unusual M3+ cations in synthetic amphiboles with nominal fluro-eckermannite composition: Deviations from stoichiometry and structural effects of the cummingtonite component 102

Item #AM-99-001

Oberti_p102_99_Table6.html (376 K)
Table 6. Calculated and Observed Structure Factors

Giuseppe Cruciani and Alessandro Gualtieri
Dehydration dynamics of analcime by in situ synchrotron powder diffraction 112

Item #AM-99-003

Cruciani_p112_99_Table4.html (44 K)
Table 4. Positional and thermal parameters for analcime at all temperatures

Piera Benna, Mario Tribaudino, and Emiliano Bruno
High temperature in situ structural investigation on lead feldspar 120

Item #AM-99-002

Benna_p120_99_Table5.html (321 K)
Table 5. Calculated and Observed Structure Factors

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