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Vol. 84, No. 4 An International Journal of Earth and Planetary Materials

April 1999


Philippe Courtial and Donald Bruce Dingwell
Densities of melts in the CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2 system    465
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Paolo Papale
Modeling of the solubility of a two-component H2O + CO2 fluid in silicate liquids   477
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Dorothee J.M. Burkhard, Gene C. Ulmer, Günther Redhammer, and George H. Myer
Dynamic electrochemical assessment of redox reactions in natural micas between 613 and 1373 K at 105 Pa     493
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Dominique de Ligny and Alexandra Navrotsky
Energetics of kaolin polymorphs   506
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Dawn E. Janney and Hans-Rudolf Wenk
Peristerite exsolution in metamorphic plagioclase from the Lepontine Alps: An analytical and transmission electron microscope study   517
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Hengzhong Zhang and Jillian F. Banfield
New kinetic model for the nanocrystalline anatase-to-rutile transformation revealing rate dependence on number of particles   528
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Edward S. Grew, Günther J. Redhammer, Georg Amthauer, Mark A. Cooper, Frank C. Hawthorne, and Karl Schmetzer
Iron in kornerupine: A 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopic study and comparison with single-crystal structure refinement    536
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Brigitte Wopenka, John J. Freeman, and Edward Grew
Raman spectroscopic identification of B-free and B-rich kornerupine (prismatine)   550
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Richard J. Harrison, Martin T. Dove, Kevin S. Knight, and Andrew Putnis
In situ neutron diffraction study of non-convergent cation ordering in the (Fe3O4)1-x(MgAl2O4)x spinel solid solution   555
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Ru Y. Zhang, Jin F. Shu, Ho K. Mao, and Juhn G. Liou
Magnetite lamellae in olivine and clinohumite from Dabie UHP ultramafic rocks, central China   564
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Matthew J. Kohn
Why most "dry" rocks should cool "wet"   570
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Jeffrey H. Tepper and Scott M. Kuehner
Complex zoning in apatite from the Idaho batholith: A record of magma mixing and intracrystalline trace element diffusion   581
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J. Najorka, M. Gottschalk, G. Franz, and W. Heinrich
Ca-Sr distribution between amphibole, clinopyroxene, and chloride-bearing solutions   596
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D. Robinson and A. Santana de Zamora
The smectite to chlorite transition in the Chipilapa geothermal system, El Salvador   607
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Susan H. Sutheimer, Patricia A. Maurice, and Qunhui Zhou
Dissolution of well and poorly crystallized kaolinites: Al speciation and effects of surface characteristics   620
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AMMIAY 84(4)465-692 ISSN 0003-004X


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Giuseppe G. Biino, Norman Mannella, Alexander Kay, Bongjin Mun, and Charles S. Fadley
Surface chemical characterization and surface diffraction effects of real margarite (001): An angle-resolved XPS investigation   629
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H. Wayne Nesbitt and M. Reinke
Properties of As and S at NiAs, NiS, and Fe1-xS surfaces, and reactivity of niccolite in air and water   639
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Fanrong Chen, Rodney C. Ewing, and Sue B. Clark
The Gibbs free energies and enthalpies of formation of U6+ phases: An empirical method of prediction   650
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Michael Schindler and Frank C. Hawthorne
Schubnelite, [Fe3+(V5+O4)(H2O)], a novel heteropolyhedral framework mineral   665
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Herta Effenberger, Werner H. Paar, Dan Topa, Franz J. Culetto, and Gerald Giester
Toward the crystal structure of nagyagite, [Pb(Pb,Sb)S2] [(Au,Te)]   669
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Jennifer M. Jackson, Stanislav V. Sinogeikin, and Jay D. Bass
Elasticity of MgSiO3 orthoenstatite   677
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Hexiong Yang, Jürgen Konzett, Charles T. Prewitt, and Yingwei Fei
Single-crystal structure refinement of synthetic M4K-substituted potassic richterite K(KCa)Mg5Si8O22(OH)2   681
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John L. Jambor, Jacek Puziewicz and Andrew C. Roberts
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Stephen P. Altaner
X-Ray Diffraction and the Identication and Analysis of Clay Minerals, 2nd Edition. By D. M. Moore and R. C. Reynolds Jr. Oxford, New York, 1997, 378 p.
Full Text (8 K)

James W. Downs
X-Ray Charge Densities and Chemical Bonding. By P. Coppens, Oxford University Press, 1997, 358 p.
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Ernest H. Nickel and Joel D. Grice
The IMA Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names: Procedures and guidelines on mineral nomenclature, 1998   691
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ERRATA   692

M. Darby Dyar, Marjorie E. Taylor, Timothy M. Lutz, Carl A. Francis, Charles V. Guidotti, and Michael Wise
Intrusive chemical characterization of tourmaline: Mössbauer study of Fe valance and site occupancy. (Am. Mineral., 83, 848-864, 1998)
Full Text (8 K)

Gregor Markl and Sandra Piazolo
Stability of high-Al titanite from low-pressure calcsilicates in light of fluid and host-rock composition. (Am. Mineral., 84, 37-47, 1999)
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