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Vol. 83, No. 9-10 An International Journal of Earth and Planetary Materials

September-October 1998


Sarah Hougen Poggi, H. Catherine W. Skinner, Jay J. Ague, and Darryl Carter
Using scanning electron microscopy to study mineral deposits in breast tissues    1122
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Paul D. Asimow and Mark S. Ghiorso
Algorithmic modifications extending MELTS to calculate subsolidus phase relations    1127
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S.L. Chaplot, N. Choudhury, and K.R. Rao
Molecular dynamics simulations of phase transitions and melting in perovskite MgSiO3 at mantle pressures   937
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Bjorn O. Mysen, David Virgo, Robert K. Popp, and Constance M. Bertka
The role of H2O in Martian magmatic systems    942
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Nicola C. Richmond and John P. Brodholt
Calculated role of aluminum in the incorporation of ferric iron into magnesium silicate perovskite    947
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W.G. Ernst and Jun Liu
Experimental phase-equilibrium study of Al- and Ti-contents of calcic amphibole in MORB--A semiquantitative thermobarometer    952
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Ralf Dohmen, Sumit Chakraborty, Herbert Palme, and Werner Rammensee
Solid-solid reactions mediated by a gas phase: An experimental study of reaction progress and the role of surfaces in the system olivine+iron metal    970
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Richard Brooker, John R. Holloway, and Rick Hervig
Reduction in piston-cylinder experiments: The detection of carbon infiltration into platinum capsules    985
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Christian Schmidt, I-Ming Chou, Robert J. Bodnar, and William A. Bassett
Microthermometric analysis of synthetic fluid inclusions in the hydrothermal diamond-anvil cell    995
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Mark J. Davis and Phillip D. Ihinger
Heterogeneous crystal nucleation on bubbles in silicate melt    1008
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D.B. Dingwell and K.-U. Hess
Melt viscosities in the system Na-Fe-Si-O-F-Cl: Contrasting effects of F and Cl in alkaline melts    1016
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Anna M. George and Jonathan F. Stebbins
Structure and dynamics of magnesium in silicate melts: A high-temperature 25Mg NMR study    1022
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A.R. Pawley, N.J. Chinnery, and S.M. Clark
Volume measurements of zoisite at simultaneously elevated pressure and temperature    1030
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Gudmundur H. Gudfinnsson and Bernard J. Wood
The effect of trace elements on the olivine-wadsleyite transformation    1037
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D. Andrault, D. Neuville, A.-M. Flank, and Y. Wang
Cation sites in Al-rich MgSiO3 perovskites    1045
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J.D. Kubicki and S.E. Apitz
Molecular cluster models of aluminum oxide and aluminum hydroxide surfaces    1054
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AMMIAY 83(9-10)937-1135 ISSN 0003-004X


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H.W. Nesbitt, G.M. Bancroft, A.R. Pratt, and M.J. Scaini
Sulfur and iron surface states on fractured pyrite surfaces    1067
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R. Lee Penn and Jillian F. Banfield
Oriented attachment and growth, twinning, polytypism, and formation of metastable phases: Insights from nanocrystalline TiO2    1077
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J. Chrosch, M. Colombo, T. Malcherek, E.K.H. Salje, L.A. Groat, and U. Bismayer
Thermal annealing of radiation damaged titanite    1083
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Richard J. Harrison, Simon A.T. Redfern, and Hugh St. C. O'Neill
The temperature dependence of the cation distribution in synthetic hercynite (FeAl2O4) from the in-situ neutron structure refinements    1092
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Joël Brugger, Reto Gieré, Bernard Grobéty, and Evgeny Uspensky
Scheelite-powellite and paraniite-(Y) from the Fe-Mn deposit at Fianel, Eastern Swiss Alps    1100
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Lutz Nasdala, Thomas Witzke, Bernd Ullrich, and Robin Brett
Gordaite [Zn4Na(OH)6(SO4)Cl6H2O]: Second occurrence in the Juan de Fuca Ridge, and new data    1111
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John L. Jambor, Vladimir A. Kovalenker, and Andrew C. Roberts
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Malcolm Ross and Jeffrey Post
Memorial of Daniel E. Appleman, 1931-1998   1133
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Rob H. Verschure and Otto J. Simon
Memorial of Oen Ing Soen, 1928-1996   1136
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J. William Carey
THERMODYNAMICS OF NATURAL SYSTEMS. By G.M. Anderson. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1996. 382 p.

G. Leng Farmer
CHEMICAL FUNDAMENTALS OF GEOLOGY second edition. By Robin Gill, Chapman & Hall, London, 1996. 296p.

Anthony R. Kampf
GEMSTONES OF NORTH AMERICA, VOLUME III. By John Sinkankas. Geoscience Press, Tucson, Arizona, 1997. 526 pages (plus 16 pages ofcolor plates).
Full Text


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