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Vol. 82, No. 5-6 Journal of the Mineralogical Society of America

May-June 1997


Bernard W. Evans and Bruno Scaillet
The redox state of Pinatubo dacite and the ilmenite-hematite solvus    625
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J.J. Papike, M.N. Spilde, C.T. Adcock, G.W. Fowler, and C.K. Shearer
Trace elements fractionation by impact-induced volatilization: SIMS study of lunar HASP samples    630
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B.B. Karki, L. Stixrude, S.J. Clark, M.C. Warren, G.J. Ackland and J. Crain
Elastic properties of orthorhombic MgSiO3 perovskite at lower mantle pressures    635
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Jennifer A. Linton, Yingwei Fei, and Alexandra Navrotsky
Complete Fe-Mg solid solution in lithium niobate and perovskite structures in titanates at high pressures and temperatures    639
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Lin-gun Liu and Chung-Cherng Lin
A calcite → aragonite-type phase transition in CdCO3    643
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Robert M. Hazen, Hexiong Yang, Charles T. Prewitt, and Tibor Gasparik
Crystal chemistry of superfluorous phase B (Mg10Si3O14F4): Implications for the role of fluorine in the mantle    647
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Hexiong Yang, Charles T. Prewitt, and Daniel J. Frost
Crystal structure of the dense hydrous magnesium silicate, phase D    651
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Anatoly B. Belonoshko and Leonid S. Dubrovinsky
A simulation study of induced failure and recrystallization of a perfect MgO crystal under non-hydrostatic compression: Application to melting in the diamond anvil cell    441
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Paola Comodi, Pier Francesco Zanazzi, Stefano Poli, and Max W. Schmidt
High-pressure behavior of kyanite: Compressibility and structural deformations    452
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Max W. Schmidt, Stefano Poli, Paola Comodi, and Pier Francesco Zanazzi
High-pressure behavior of kyanite: Decomposition of kyanite into stishovite and corundum    460
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Hexiong Yang, Robert T. Downs, Larry W. Finger, Robert M. Hazen, and Charles T. Prewitt
Compressibility and crystal structure of kyanite, Al2SiO5, at high pressure    467
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Kurt Leinenweber and John Parise
Rietveld refinement of Ca2TiSiO6 perovskite    475
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Kenneth J.D. MacKenzie and Richard H. Meinhold
MAS NMR study of pentacoordinated magnesium in grandidierite    479
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Hillary A. Thompson, Gordon E. Brown Jr., and George A. Parks
XAFS spectroscopic study of uranyl coordination in solids and aqueous solution    483
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AMMIAY 82(5-6)441-656 ISSN 0003-004X


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Annibale Mottana, Jean-Louis Robert, Augusto Marcelli, Gabriele Giuli, Giancarlo Della Ventura, Eleonora Paris, and Ziyu Wu
Octahedral versus tetrahedral coordination of Al in synthetic micas determined by XANES    497
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Gejing Li, Donald R. Peacor, Douglas S. Coombs, and Yosuke Kawachi
Solid solution in the celadonite family:
The new minerals ferroceladonite, K2Fe2+2Fe3+2Si8O20(OH)4,
and ferroaluminoceladonite, K2Fe2+2Al2Si8O20(OH)4    503
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John M. Hughes, Erich S. Bloodaxe, John M. Hanchar, and Eugene E. Foord
Incorporation of rare earth elements in titanite: Stabilization of the A2/a dimorph by creation of antiphase boundaries    512
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Ping Yang, Jano Stolz, Thomas Armbruster, and Mickey E. Gunter
Na, K, Rb and Cs exchange in heulandite single crystals: Diffusion kinetics    517
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S. Kesson, A.E. Ringwood, W. Hibberson, J. Fitz Gerald, and N. Ware
Reaction between magnesiowüstite of lower mantle composition and core-forming Fe-Ni alloy at 1-40 Gpa    526
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Rhian H. Jones and Graham D. Layne
Minor and trace element partitioning between pyroxene and melt in rapidly cooled chondrules    534
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Alexandra Navrotsky, Robert L. Putnam, Camilla Winbo, and Erik Rosén
Thermochemistry of double carbonates in the K2CO3-CaCO3 system    546
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Michael R. Carroll and Jennifer G. Blank
The solubility of H2O in phonolitic melts    549
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Martin R. Lee and Ian Parsons
Dislocation formation and albitization in alkali feldspars from the Shap granite     557
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Charles A. Geiger and Anne Feenstra
Molar volumes of mixing of almandine-pyrope and almandine-spessartine garnets and the crystal chemistry and thermodynamic-mixing properties of the aluminosilicate garnets    571
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M.J. Holdaway, Biswajit Mukhopadhyay, M.D. Dyar, C.V. Guidotti, and B.L. Dutrow
Garnet-biotite geothermometry revised: New Margules parameters and a natural specimen data set from Maine    582
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Terje Holten, Bjørn Jamtveit, Paul Meakin, Massimo Cortini, Jon Blundy, and Håkon Austrheim
Statistical characteristics and origin of oscillatory zoning in crystals    596
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Robert J. Finch and Rodney C. Ewing
Clarkeite: New chemical and structural data    607
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John L. Jambor, Jacek Puziewicz, and Andrew C. Roberts
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Paul Moore
FRANKLIN AND STERLING HILL, New Jersey: The World's Most Magnificent Mineral Deposits By Pete J. Dunn. Privately printed. 1995. 775 pages in 5 volumes (available separately). Contact: FOMS, P.O. Box 146, Franklin, New Jersey 07416, U.S.A.
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