Deposit Items for Volume 82, No. 1-2, January-February, 1997

David C. Palmer, Martin T. Dove, Richard M. Ibberson, and Brian M. Powell
Structural behavior, crystal chemistry, and phase transitions in substituted leucite: High-resolution neutron powder diffraction studies   16

Item #AM-97-633

Tables 3,10-40
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Crystal Structure Refinements

Quality of Refinements

The quality of refinements can be assessed using a number of quantities:

where N is the number of data points, P is the number of variables, y is the intensity at any point in the scan, and a is the corresponding error. We found that most of our refinements were nearly as good as physically possible (chi squared ~ 1), so that the final weighted R factor, Rw, is close to the expected R factor, Rexp, implying that there are no significant unaccounted systematic errors in the data.

Origin Offset

The intermediate tetragonal phase (I41/acd) and the cubic phase (Ia3d) were refined using nonconventional unit-cell settings. In both cases, the origin was offset by a/2, relative to the standard, International Tables setting. This was so that the unit cells of all three phases would match.

Paola Comodi and Pier Francesco Zanazzi
The pressure behavior of clinozoisite and zoisite: An X-ray diffraction study    61

Item #AM-97-631

Table 3. Observed and Calculated Structure Factors
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Hiroyuki Horiuchi, Akihiro Saito, Toshinaga Tachi, and Hiroshi Nagasawa
Structure of synthetic Li2(Mg,Cu)Cu2[Si2O6]2: A unique chain silicate related to pyroxene   143

Item #AM-97-632

Table 4 Observed and Calculated Structure Factors
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Biswajit Mukhopadhyay, M.J. Holdaway, and Andrea M. Koziol
A statistical model of thermodynamic mixing properties of Ca-Mg-Fe2+ garnets   165

Item #AM-97-630

Table 1a. Data sets and robust weights for regressions.
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Table 1b. Regression results on data from Table 1A
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Table 1c. Procedure for optimizing delta G adjustment conducted on smoothed data and unsmoothed data using OMLR on garnet-orthopyroxene data at 1100 °C, 50 kbar, 24 points, Kawasaki and Matsui (1983).
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