Deposit Items for Volume 82, No. 7-8, July-August, 1997

Frank C. Hawthorne, Giancarlo Della Ventura, Jean-Louis Robert, Mark D. Welch, Mati Raudsepp, and David M. Jenkins
A Rietveld and infrared study of synthetic amphiboles along the potassium-richterite-tremolite join    708

Item #AM-97-641

TABLE 4. Atom positions for potassium-richterite--tremolite
TABLE 5. Interatomic distances (Å) for potassium-richterite--tremolite
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Nancy L. Ross
The equation of state and high-pressure behavior of magnesite    682

Item #AM-97-642

Table 4. Observed and calculated structure factors of magnesite.
Ross_p682_97_T4.pdf (5.7 MB) PDF

Paolo Orlandi, Marco Pasero, Giuseppe Duchi, and Filippo Olmi
Dessauite, (Sr,Pb)(Y,U)(Ti,Fe3+)20O38, a new mineral of the crichtonite group from Buca della Vena mine, Tuscany, Italy    807

Item #AM-97-640

Table 4. Observed and calculated structure factors.
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